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Moticon Testimonial 007 Prof. Constance Chu Stanford University USA

“Working with Moticon sensor insoles has allowed us to take our project out of the lab and into a much more familiar setting for our participants, using wireless connectivity allows for simple data collection and reduces the overall set up time. Being able to work with the technical support team on specific customised features has also been extremely useful.”

Bruce Ford
Celestra health systems

In addition to the sensor insoles, one of the things we were really impressed with was the quality of Moticon’s software development kit and the ease we were able to integrate their software into our smartphone app. Without the Moticon software there would be no way for us to control the smart insoles. Within six weeks we had a working prototype, within ten weeks the combined software was production ready thanks to Moticons SDK (Software Development Kit). This is a remarkable achievement by any measure. The technical support we received from Moticon was excellent towards the integration phase. The more we learned about the Moticon ReGo product the more impressed we were. The simple calibration is only one example. Clearly Moticon is a company that pays attention to details to ensure that the overall user experience is star.

Tim Pohlemann
University Clinic Saarland, germany
Chair of Surgery & Clinic Director Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery

“Innovative, technologically brilliant – an important step in comprehending post-op patient activity for clinical research. For the first time, we were able to track continuous load profiles across complete healing processes of lower limb fractures in real life. We appreciate Moticon’s efforts to implement challenging product features for scientific research.”

Thomas Stöggl
Paris Lodron University Salzburg, austria
Professor Training Sciences Scientific Director Red Bull Athlete Performance Center

“We work with Moticon products in training routines because of the simple setup without much preparation effort. I like the realization of the vision of wireless measurements with low effort and little interference for the athletes as well as the company’s excellent customer support.”

Sören Müller
Institute for Applied Training Sciences Leipzig, Germany
Head of Ski & Nordic Training Group

“We use the pressure measurement soles in the entire training process of all training groups in the ski jumping and Nordic combination teams of the German Ski Association. Our ultimate goal is to release performance potentials. We have chosen Moticon over other vendors because we only have to carry the sensor insoles and no bulky measurement technology equipment when we travel to a training session. Moreover the athletes feels little to no change when he or she completes a ski jump or another training exercise with the insole.”

Nelson Eduardo Guevara Muñoz
Cauca University, Colombia
Master Student

I am currently in my final semester working on my degree project, which focuses on gait analysis. By using Moticon technology to sense foot dynamics, we can achieve excellent results. We have acquired these devices from the university’s kinetic development laboratory, and we are extremely pleased with them. The sensor insoles are truly remarkable! Physiotherapy students can conduct comprehensive gait analyses on various individuals, including those with multiple gait abnormalities. We are grateful for the opportunity to use this technology.”

Alexandra Hammerberg
University of Washington, USA
Researcher Primate Evolutionary Biomechanics Laboratory

“My dissertation work with the moticon insoles, funded in part by the National Science Foundation, is situated at the intersection between biomechanics research and clinical orthopaedics. The insoles allow us to take our work outside the laboratory and access environments and terrains that are not possible to reproduce in a lab. Moticon’s product balances engineering and science, with a clear understanding of customer needs. Their support team is both responsive and accommodating when we need specific product details for academic publications. We plan to apply for further NSF funding to purchase more moticon insoles for our future work based on their success in integrating with our lab’s research.”

Dr. Michael Fritsch University of Bayreuth using Moticon OpenGo for running study
Michael Fritsch
University of Bayreuth, Germany
Academic Supervisor

“With the OpenGo Sensor Insoles from Moticon, we were able to gather important knowledge in the field of running shoe development. Especially the combination of pressure measurement, IMU data and the wireless package is perfect for field studies in sports science. The simple operation as well as the quick interpretation of the scientific data made our work a lot easier.”

Yiven Dong
Stanford University, USA
Ph.D. student

We aim to develop an in-home gait health monitoring system using foot-induced floor vibrations for elderly fall prevention and detection of neuromuscular disorders such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Moticon insole sensors capture kinetic information over continuous gait cycles, which allows us to calibrate the floor vibration sensors in ground reaction force prediction.”

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