Juli 2019

Moticon launches next generation OpenGo Sensor Insole

Moticon's new Insole3 sensor offers advanced features for sports and clinical research, including increased durability, mobile app integration, and wireless connectivity.
Moticon to launch next generation sensor insoles model Insole3

Innovative Sensor Insole for Clinical Research and Training Purposes in Elite Sports

  • Measured Frequency of 100 Hz (compared to 50 Hz)
  • 16 Pressure sensors (compared to 13)
  • 3D Accelerometer and 3D Gyroscope
  • Wireless Connectivity with Bluetooth Low Energy (5.0)
  • Dramatic increase in durability and accessibility per mobile App

The Moticon OpenGo Insole3 with innovative updates is coming to market mid-March. The revolutionary third product generation “Insole3” of the wireless Moticon OpenGo sensor insoles is characterized by a multitude of innovative improvements.

The measuring frequency increased from 50Hz to 100Hz, the number of pressure sensors increased from 13 to 16 for ideal coverage and biomechanically optimized distribution over the foot surface. In addition to the existing 3D acceleration sensor, a 3D gyroscope now ensures that important parameters such as stride length and foot angle can be measured directly. The fully integrated design without cables, switches, or external components is retained and the entire package is even more robust, -slim, and flexible.

On the software side, Moticon is now consistently focusing on mobile solutions with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 as the wireless standard and offers a new extensively equipped smartphone app for controlling measurements on the Insole3. This replaces the previous operation by PC software and thus simplifies the outdoor use drastically. The predecessor of the Munich-based manufacturer has established itself in many areas of medical and sports science research, industry, and competitive sports for training analysis and is used by more than 120 professional customers in 32 countries.

Research and design in cooperation with customers & own production facilities.

The extended functionality is the result of a three-year development phase in which Moticon incorporated customer requests in close cooperation with clinics, research institutes, industrial companies, and universities. With its own production line and numerous international partnerships, Moticon has also repositioned itself technologically and prepared itself for larger volumes. “The development of our own production competence and the focus on quality and scalability in manufacturing also sets Moticon apart from our competitors and ultimately specifically benefiting our customers,” anticipates the production manager from Moticon.

Focus on efficiency in application.

Moticon OpenGo is the most mobile and flexible system on the market for analyzing plantar pressure distribution, ground contact forces, and human foot movements. It is designed for professional use and shows its advantages mainly through its applicability in the analysis of natural movements outdoors and autarkic long-term measurements in everyday life. “Cost- and time-efficient application is an important factor in the daily professional use of measuring station solutions and in clinical research, and it is decisive for our customers when making purchases,” explains Dr. Maximilian Müller, CEO of Moticon.

With Moticon OpenGo large case numbers can be measured in a short time, the setup of a mobile measurement at the foot until the start of a measurement takes less than two minutes per test person.. Parallel measurements can be carried out on any number of test persons, as each sensor sole is completely self-sufficient and does not require any external devices. In addition, the radio quality without data loss could be improved from 2m up to 15m, the download time for data stored on the sensor sole could be improved by a factor of 20 by using the new radio standard BLE 5.0 instead of ANT. “We no longer put our customers’ patience to the test,” says Andre Zschernig, sales manager for OpenGo products at Moticon, referring to the addressed customer feedback. Müller adds: “The further improvement in setup and operating time was a major focus for our new development. We assume that with Insole3 we are currently leading the industry in terms of handling and practicality so to enthuse our customers”.

Strong product package includes new functionality.

Moticon OpenGo system consists of sensor insoles supplied in pairs in nine European double sizes from 32/33 to 48/49 and a mobile smartphone app. No additional devices are required for the measurements. During the measurement, the sensor data is either stored in the internal memory of the sensor sole or transferred via the smartphone to a selectable end point (PC or cloud memory) in real time. The sensor data can thus be made immediately available for evaluation by clinicians, researchers, physicians or trainers, regardless of where the data was collected. This enables highly efficient multicenter studies or training scenarios without spatial limits.

In addition to standard operation for wireless data transmission (live mode) and data recording directly to the integrated memory of the sensor insoles (record mode), Moticon OpenGo has other operating modes that are specially tailored to the requirements of clinical research. For example in Smart Recording mode the measurement is only activated if certain movement patterns such as walking are present. This avoids unnecessary data collection and increases the storage space. Thanks to intelligent power-saving measures, permanent measurements can be carried out over a period of up to a week.

Various versions of the Moticon OpenGo software are now available for data evaluation. In addition to the analysis of sensor data, these versions enable users to export measurement data with open interfaces to external programs or files. Conversely, external sensor data such as EMG or heart rate as well as video analyses can be imported directly into the OpenGo software and automatically synchronized, special highlight for Moticon’s research customers. The Moticon OpenGo product line is completed by useful accessories such as a specially developed USB charger for the button cell batteries used and a practical product bag.

Industry proven and high demand from big MedTec

The clinically validated[1] [2] [3] Moticon sensor insoles measure the dynamic pressure distribution at the foot, load and partial load, hydrographs over the course of the foot’s center of gravity (COP), movement shape and activity time, ground contact times and a number of other derived movement parameters. The natural motion sequence is not influenced. The Moticon OpenGo sensor insoles are flexible, robust, and suitable for almost every shoe type.

Moticon’s top-class customer base shows that the development work has paid off. The German Ski Jumpers national team has just awarded the contract and will be using Moticon products to optimize their training for the next Olympic cycle. Internationally, business with major medical technology companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and several other pharmaceutical manufacturers has been gaining momentum since 2018. “Our new product generation is just in time for this,” says Müller. “The measurement of actual foot loads and gait quality in a real environment creates previously unseen insights for our customers and goes far beyond optical analysis of movements. We have big plans for the future!”

Prices and availability

The new Moticon OpenGo sensor insoles are available in Germany from mid-March at a price of 1495 EUR per pair plus accessories and software license fees directly from Moticon or internationally from accredited distribution partners.

Further information can be found here.

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