How good is the left-right sync when I record data?

Go to the OpenGo Sensor Insoles page about synchronization to learn more about how accurate the time sync between the left and the right sensor insole is.

Each OpenGo Sensor Insole includes a high precision and temperature stable oscillator which creates the time stamp when recording measurement data. Once you start a measurement, the absolute daytime from the mobile phone or tablet is added to the measurement data as meta information. This way, it is possible to draw an absolute timeline with the measurement data. The same absolute time is used for the left and the right sensor insole.

Left-right asynchronicity may result due to the following reasons.

  1. Time lag between wirelessly starting the left and the right sensor insole, which is the time when the time stamp is attached to the measurement data.
  2. Time drift over time. Even the most precise timing oscillator will cause a left-right time drift over longer periods of time due to production tolerances. For short measurements, this effect is negligible while for longer measurements >1h the time drift has an increasing impact on the left-right synchronicity of the measurement data.

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