How long can I record data on the onboard memory?

The overall time you can record data on the onboard memory depends on the settings you make for data acquisition. The total recording time ranges from little more than 01:00 h up to 32:00 h of continuous recording.

See the “Data Acquisition” section in our Sensor Insole Specification document for more information about recording times at different sensor setups and sampling frequencies. Download specifications here.

Note that a lower sample rate results in an extended total recording time as the sensor insoles fire fewer measurements per second. Similarly, recording less sensor channels, e.g. just the ground reaction force, will result in an extended total recording time as well. In addition, the Smart Recording option allows activity triggered onboard data recording which prolongs the total recording time drastically. Measurement data is permanently stored on the onboard memory if you use the Recording Mode, with little maximum data loss, even if the coin cell battery runs out of power.

See our Apps section for more information about the different record modes.

For information about coin cell battery runtime, visit the following FAQ.

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Wireless Data Transmission

The wireless data transmission from OpenGo Sensor Insoles to the mobile device uses intelligent handshake technology to avoid the loss of data packages, even when the connection quality is below 100 %.

Typical wireless range of the Bluetooth Low Energy connection in indoor settings is ≥ 10 m, in in-field settings up to 20 m.

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