May 2024

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Foot pressure visualization widgets


Explore how the OpenGo software visualizes foot pressure distributions in real time, using various widgets for comprehensive motion analysis and plantar pressure mapping.
Various foot pressure widgets

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The foot pressure measured by the OpenGo Sensor Insoles can be visualized in various ways in the Analyze screen of the OpenGo Software.

This article presents the different widgets which can be used to inspect the plantar pressure distribution, and their main configuration options.

The pressure distribution consists of 16 values given in N/cm², where each value is connected to a pressure sensor with known location on the plantar surface. The OpenGo sensor insole measures the pressure values simultaneously with the currently configured sample rate, resulting in a pressure map representing the instantaneous load distribution of the foot. The pressure widgets combine the foot pressure data and the spatial position of the sensors to illustrate a visual pressure map.

Pressure values widget

Foot pressure in pressure values widget

The pressure values widget provides the most straightforward representation of the foot pressure data. It shows the measured pressure values (in N/cm²) at the respective location of the physical sensor center, and colors the values using the currently selected color map (which you can choose in the Pressure 2D/3D widgets).

Pressure 2D widget

Foot pressure in 2D widget

The pressure 2D widget is a more natural visualization of the foot pressure, as it interpolates a tessellation of the foot surface. In addition to (or instead of) the plantar pressure, this widget can also visualize the center of pressure (COP) and COP trace.

Pressure 3D widget

Foot pressure in 3D widget

The pressure 3D widget shows the foot pressure from different angles, and is particularly helpful for demonstrating pressure aspects to a less experienced audience or for visual biofeedback.

Foot pressure data in line graph widget

For a more technical representation, the pressure values of each individual sensor can also be shown as curves in the line graph widget. This allows for an inspection of the foot pressure over time, and for a comparison of pressure with other sensor data provided by the OpenGo Sensor Insoles.

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