February 2022

Moticon to launch new solution ReGo for fully automated motion testing

Introducing ReGo: Moticon's innovative system offers automated movement testing for sports and rehabilitation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in biomechanical analysis.
Moticon launches new product for automated movement tests in training and rehabilitation

(Munich, 03.02.2022) With three years of R&D behind, German in-shoe wearable technology manufacturer Moticon launches its new product line “ReGo”. For the first time, the system offers fully automated movement tests for performance sports and rests on unique mobile sensor insoles

Pioneering the market for wireless sensor insoles for years, Moticon ReGo now offers the first commercial solution to analyze foot loads and movements  completely automatically. Enhanced pattern recognition techniques support coaches and therapists with objective information on performance status, progress and asymmetries in the musculoskeletal system of athletes and patients. The data is collected as part of structured movement tests, such as balance, strength or jump tests, which are well established as state of the art in literature and application, but until now have mainly been assessed by visual inspection of a coach or therapist or required full scope test laboratories.

ReGo consists of the sensor insoles and an app and can be used at any location with minimal effort. This opens up new possibilities for seasonal performance tests in sports clubs as well as for sports medicine tests in rehabilitation centers, up to telemedical applications with biofeedback training.

High-precision measurement technology – more efficient than ever before

“We paid particular attention to the ease of use of our highly accurate measurement technology for professional use,” explains Dr. Maximilian Müller, CEO of Moticon ReGo AG. “And it was also important to us that our customers no longer have to deal with data evaluation and that all steps for testing are completely automated,” adds Manuel Perez Prada, Head of Product Design. The efficiency for testing athletes is significantly improved by ReGo compared to the traditional approach, such that biomechanical analyses can also be executed in daily training sessions or in remote places such as training camps. “This is the most striking advantage of ReGo over conventional laboratory setups, which are extremely expensive and complicated to operate,” Müller concludes.

Kick-start with world-class customers

Back in 2019, Moticon introduced a new generation of mobile sensor insoles for its 200 and growing international customers in research and industry, marking a leap in performance of mobile in-shoe measurement systems. The technology now also forms the core of the new ReGo with specific modifications, such as an integrated USB-C charging unit.

The beta version of ReGo is already in use since 2021 in large-scale clinical trials initiated by the US based pharma giant Regeneron to develop digital biomarkers. More concretely, Moticon’s gait parameters serve to examine the effectiveness of new drug developments for osteoarthritis patients. The US top league University of California Stanford is using ReGo for a longitudinal home training study which includes patients with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, thus gaining insights into the correlation of healing and gait function directly from real life for the first time. ReGo is also being used successfully by the Munich soccer champions of FC Bayern to monitor the progress of young players after injuries.

The in-shoe laboratory for individualized training

ReGo in a smart way meets all prerequisites for conquering new fields of application in competitive sports and sports medicine. Raphael Ziegler – a sports physiotherapist with an affinity for digitalization and years of experience in the management of rehab and therapy centers – is a wingman of Moticon for its endeavours to break new grounds: “ReGo is closing an open gap as more and more athletic trainers and sports physiotherapists are in need for mobile measurement systems in order to use objective data for individualized training programs.”

Because ReGo is not a single purpose solution, but provides force values and plantar pressure distribution on the foot just as reliably as foot position, jump distances or ground contact times, Moticon refers to it as the “laboratory in the shoe”. Users also benefit from  additional features such as the ability to create individual test plans, train with biofeedback, or track test results anywhere in the world via the ReGo Cloud interface, when a team is at a training camp.

Pricing great for trainers, small practices and sports clubs

Besides large businesses, ReGo also targets individual trainers, smaller practices and sports clubs. The initial costs for the measurement technology and accessories are moderate. Moticon then charges a fee for each ReGo test report generated, with biofeedback training and top level outcome scores remaining free of charge. Further, there is no minimum quantity for test reports and no other recurring cost involved. Thus, from a user perspective, additional costs only incur if detailed test reports are needed. Moticon currently provides ReGo price lists on demand only.

Launch tour across Germany and Austria

ReGo will initially be launched in German-speaking countries and will be shown at numerous conferences on the subject of competitive sports and sports medicine in 2022. Visitors can learn more about the product in workshops and lectures. In addition, Moticon offers free online demos via its live studio to present the ReGo to interested users.

Moticon ReGo AG

Moticon is a leading global manufacturer of wireless biomechanical in-shoe measurement systems and analysis software, as well as a provider of integrated cloud solutions for processing sensor-based motion data. Its two main product lines are OpenGo and ReGo for research and testing in daily routines, respectively.

Moticon operates a manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Munich, Germany, as well as a product warehouse in De Plaines, USA. The sales structure includes six international sales partners for Asia and Europe.

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