August 2022

On the verve – New team members enforcing Moticon’s ability to tackle path of growth

Meet Tanja Hein & Frederic Rothe, Moticon's new team members. Learn about their roles in sales support, customer quality management & their valuable contributions.

With the launch of the new ReGo product line for automated movement testing under way and facing a rapidly growing, post-pandemic demand for Moticon’s established OpenGo solution for motion research, we were duely in need for fresh manpower to keep up the pace.

Today, we’d like to proudly introduce two new team members you might be in touch with when you start working with Moticon.

Tanja Hein • Sales Support Clinical & Sports

Tanja just joined our team as trainée which is, as it turned out quite quickly, a frank understatement of her skills and capabilities. Her main role is to support the head of sales with a rapidly growing number of clinical studies driven by Moticon’s key clients and which Moticon is supplying with the new ReGo product line for gait assessment. Her tasks include management and controlling of clinical projects as well as creating and executing training sessions for clinical staff.

In a second role, being a certified functional trainer and a skilled writer as well, Tanja helps with creating top notch showcases, blog articles and documentation for the ReGo sports market which is about to take off after its launch earlier in 2022.

Tanja Hein ©Moticon

Tanja (26) is enthusiastic about functional training and still works as a trainer besides her role at Moticon. She holds a Bachelor degree in sports science of the university of Giessen and is about to finalize her Master degree in sports and exercise science at the Technical University of Munich. She says her drive to work with the Moticon team was “a strong motivation to dive deeper into creating value for the sport from biomechanical sensors” as she had worked on various projects with force measurement systems during her time at the university and to “fundamentally understand how sensor based objective outcome assessment may impact training and rehab”.

Frederic Rothe • Customer Quality Manager

Frederic is our new customer quality manager for the Moticon OpenGo and ReGo product lines and we warmly welcome him as a cornerstone of our endeavours to maintain an excellent level of customer service as we are growing into new markets. Frederic is a knowlegable professional and has the perfect tone to work with customers. His work in the Moticon team relates to sales operations and to first level support, but also extends to building a new learning platform which will host a wide range of tutorials and documentation to help customers getting started with Moticon products.

Frederic Rothe ©Moticon

Frederic (25), a passionate athlete himself, holds a Master degree in sports and exercise science of the Technical University of Munich, stating about his motivation to start working for Moticon: “I am extremely motivated by the possibility to work with real top customers from elite sports, science and medicine and I am keen to play my part in further improving the quality of customer services for the Moticon products”.

A strong team for strong performance

The entire Moticon team is looking forward enthusiastically to working with Tanja and Frederic as they perfectly complement our team and help enforcing our sales and customer support task force.

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