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2 slots, USB

Coin Cell Charger

Original Moticon equipment. Optimized for charging reachargeable Li-Ion PD2032 coin cell batteries.

PD2032, rechargeable

Coin Cell Batteries

High performance rechargeable coin cell battery.

Spare part

Battery Lid

Battery lid replacement for OpenGo Sensor Insoles.

Sync Box

TTL input/output

Sync Box

Original Moticon equipment. Optimized for synchronizing  OpenGo Sensor Insole data with other motion capture systems.


For 6 pairs sensor insoles

Product Bag

Original Moticon equipment. Handy product bag featuring a variety of compartments to store OpenGo Sensor Insoles and accessories.

For 10 pairs coin cell batteries

Coin Cell Bag

Original Moticon equipment. Handy zipper pocket for 10 pairs of type 2032 coin cell batteries.

For 1 pair sensor insoles

Sensor Insole Sack

Original Moticon equipment. For 1 pair of OpenGo Sensor Insoles. Tie strap. Fits all sizes.

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