OpenGo App

Your mobile measurement companion.

The OpenGo App resembles all functions for data acquisition with OpenGo Sensor Insoles. Giving you the freedom you need for mobile operation in the field.


Seamless operation

The master controller for data acquisition.

Special Bluetooth Low Energy protocols enable sensor insole control and loss-free data transmission with low power usage.

The mobile device works as a hub and passes on measurement data to the endpoint computer via a WiFi network connection.

Live data previews

Foot dynamics
in real time.

Various live data widgets allow you to keep track of foot dynamics while a subject is moving. Include graphs, audio or tactile information to create biofeedback for your training intervention and record high resolution sensor data simultaneously.


Data acquisition made easy

The right settings for your task.

Access all relevant settings from one single screen. Adjust the record mode, include sensor channels, set sample rate or a timer and fully meet the requirements of your measurement task.


3 Operation Modes

Use Live Capture to transmit sensor insole data in real time or use Recording to store data on the sensor insoles’ on-board memory for standalone operation. 

Smart Recording puts intelligence in place and triggers recordings when the user is active. This mode uses pattern recognition to start, stop and resume recordings.

Live Capture


Smart Recording

Timed Recording

The Timer stops on-board recordings automatically after the preset time has elapsed. Saves you time and avoids waste data for testing athletes in the field when many subjects are tested directly one after the other or when subjects move far away from the starting point.


Sensor Channel Setups

OpenGo Sensor Insoles allow you to collect the full range of motion data. But sometimes, you may want to save memory space, battery runtime or you just don’t need all information. 

Choose from 3 common sensor channel presets or configure any combination of sensor channels individually.

File system & labeling

Data management
for your needs.

Keep your data organized with consistent measurement labeling right when data is acquired. Create use names, comments and tags to individualize your data management.

The onboard file system allows you to select one or multiple measurements for transfer and access to related information.


Special features that make a difference.

External data sync

Audio, flash or signal outputs can be used to synchronize sensor insole data with other motion capture systems.

Sensor insole status

The status dashboard keeps you informed about pairing, firmware updates, battery status and sensor performance.

Data backup for safety

Activate intermediate onboard backups to avoid data loss on low battery or battery change during long term measurements.

Precision total forces

Calibrate sensor insoles to body weight for high precision total forces below 5% deviation compared to force plate readings.

Pressure sensor zeroing

Smart loading and unloading detection drives automatic pressure sensor zeroing. For best data quality to the point.

Automated video sync

Automatically synchronize videos with sensor insole data. No hazzle with trimming and shifting videos on the timeline.


Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to analyze data on the mobile phone or tablet?

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I cannot download the OpenGo App from the Play Store

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I denied Bluetooth and location permission at the first startup of the mobile app. How can I allow permission?

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How can I edit the sound volume of the Timed Recording function?

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I cannot connect to sensor insoles

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How can I make the mobile app update automatically?

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Which phone and tablet types can I use for the mobile app?

Generally, most Android mobile devices built from 2019 or newer work with the OpenGo App. Some models, however, do…

What are the minimum system requirements to run the mobile app?

The Moticon OpenGo Mobile App is currently available for Android operating systems only. Minimum system requirements:Mobile Phone OS: Android…

Which channels are included in the raw sensor data?

You can select the sensor channels that are included in the raw data in the OpenGo App settings for…

What does “timed recording” mean?

A “timed recording” refers to data recording on the sensor insoles’ onboard memory, which is stopped automatically after a…

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