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Provide the quantity of sensor insoles, software licenses and accessories and we will reach out with an individual quote. Sensor insole sizes can be chosen upon final order (not relevant for your quote). Mandatory services may be added to the quotation.



OpenGo App

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Free of charge

OpenGo Sensor Insoles

1 pair - all sizes same price

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OpenGo Software

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BASIC Module


VIDEO Module

GAIT Module


JUMP Module

OpenGo Accessories

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Coin Cell Batteries

1 pair for 1 pair of sensor insoles

Coin Cell Charger

Sync Box

TTL trigger signals for synchronization

Product Bag

For 6 pairs of sensor insoles

Coin Cell Bag

For 10 pairs of coin cells

Sensor Insoles Sack

For 1 pair of sensor insoles

Battery Lid

For sensor insole (spare part only!)

OpenGo Software Development Kits

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Endpoint SDK

Insole SDK

Mobile SDK