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We enable trainers and therapists to assess movements quickly and objectively so they can create the best rehab and exercise program for the good of each individual athlete and patient.

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ReGo is a mobile motion assessment and biofeedback system, which rests on unique wireless sensor insoles that combine with standardized movement tests and automated reports. It can be used for rehab after injuries as well as to support regular athletic training – Just around the corner or at any place on this planet.

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ReGo webinar

The gait analysis in your shoe

Real-life examples and live demo on improving treatment quality through biofeedback training and objective gait parameters.

Your digital companion for rehab and training

From the patient journey to successful competition.

ReGo allows you to keep track of your patients’ and athletes’ functional movement performance over the entire journey from post-operative rehab to regular screenings in performance sports in order to achieve better rehab with less complications and individualized athletic training for best results in competition.

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Return to walk

ReGo is the science proof solution to achieve a primary goal for your patients – walk normally again and without limitations.

Involve patients with weight bearing biofeedback, balance trainings and gait symmetry tests to achieve that goal.

Control post-op weight bearing
Regain function & proprioception
Test gait symmetry & physiology
Return to sport

ReGo is the mobile all-in-one solution for standardized clinical movement tests.

The objective ReGo test outcomes enable you to put individualized rehab into action – and perfectly hit the line between early activity and return to sport.

Follow a step wise test approach
Increase dynamics & complexity
Test limb symmetry index & stability
Prepare for competition

Take your mobile ReGo performance lab anywhere to get ahead of competition.

Use jump or sprint tests for baseline screenings and training control – and find performance potentials and risks of injury. Simple to use, cost effcient and reliable.

Objectivize functional training
Determine performance potentials
Use accurate force & reactivity metrics
Clinical research
Clinical tests for neuro & trauma
Supports multicenter & home based studies
Backend API & raw data interfaces

ReGo revolutionizes the gait related clinical outcome assessment for neuro and joint replacement patient studies as it transitions an entire gait laboratory into the patient’s shoe.

ReGo automizes traditional cognitive and quantitative movement tests, such as the 10 Meter Walk Test or the Sit to Stand Test, and in addition provides clinical grade qualitative gait information.

Moticon is supplying multi-center studies and home based remote testing for the pharma and implant industry as well as for large scale university projects.

ReGo mobility

Anywhere and anytime.

ReGo sets you free from the limitations of a motion lab. Discover how ReGo features for testing patients and athletes enhance your work. Even on a mountain top.


Unbiased & standardized testing

Assess. Repeat. Compare.

Standardized movement tests facilitate cost-effective screening of functional skills – with intuitive test reports including loading and motion metrics as well as symmetry and performance scores. Repeat tests quickly and use trend views to keep track of athlete or patient progress.


Biofeedback for sports & rehab

Train on feedback. Gain on feedback.

ReGo is the perfect tool for athletes and patients to get involved in testing. Weight bearing, balance or strength symmety exercises – use the versatile biofeedback features to motivate patients or help your athletes on their journey back to competition.

Automated reports

Your data scientist
in your pocket.

The ReGo report generation is just fabulous. Works offline just as good as online – with pattern recognition and edge computing providing instant access to relevant outcome parameters such as gait line, load distribution, contact times and many more. Specific for each test, delivering the information you need.

physio app gait analysis

Test sequences & schedules

Easy going for series testers.

You need to run a series of movement tests with a particular subject or even schedule tests for a particular time period? Use the ReGo scheduling to realize truly individualized coaching – create any sequence of tests for reuse, assign them subjects and let them perform tests on site or anywhere else.

Remote testing

Works. Even from the other side of the globe.

You have an outpatient monitoring program, a training camp in Portugal or any other reason you cannot be in the same place as your patients and athletes? Just hand over a pair of ReGo Sensor Insoles, assing a test schedule and get remote access to reports and progress views right after test execution.

The easy-to-use ReGo test descriptions, tutorial videos and audio instructions help patients and athletes understand the movement task and provide life coaching as tests are performed.


Since 2012

Empowering sports and rehab.

Moticon’s sensor insoles and analytics for motion assessment are a breakout success. Our track record ranges from top sports clubs to physical therapy practices and leading clinical trauma and neuro centers.

Since 2012, Moticon is a pioneer and driving force in the market for sensing foot dynamics – with outstanding product innovations and excellent customer services.

What our customers say
Moticon Testimonial 007 Prof. Constance Chu Stanford University USA

“Working with Moticon sensor insoles has allowed us to take our project out of the lab and into a much more familiar setting for our participants, using wireless connectivity allows for simple data collection and reduces the overall set up time. Being able to work with the technical support team on specific customised features has also been extremely useful.”

Sören Müller
Institute for Applied Training Sciences Leipzig (IAT)
Head of Ski & Nordic Training Group

“We use the pressure measurement soles in the entire training process of all training groups in the ski jumping and Nordic combination teams of the German Ski Association. Our ultimate goal is to release performance potentials. We have chosen Moticon over other vendors because we only have to carry the sensor insoles and no bulky measurement technology equipment when we travel to a training session. Moreover the athletes feels little to no change when he or she completes a ski jump or another training exercise with the insole.”

Tim Pohlemann
University Clinic Saarland
Chair of Surgery & Clinic Director Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery

“Innovative, technologically brilliant – an important step in comprehending post-op patient activity for clinical research. For the first time, we were able to track continuous load profiles across complete healing processes of lower limb fractures in real life. We appreciate Moticon’s efforts to implement challenging product features for scientific research.”

ReGo Trailer

Automated bulk reports

Return to walk

No matter if you work in trauma care, with arthoplasty patients or with chronic musculoskeletal or neurological issues that affect the ability to walk normally.

ReGo integrates seamlessly in clinical and rehab routines and allows health professionals to valuate treatment and rehab progress in a quick and cost-effcient way.

Use intuitive progress reports from movement tests to tailor your treatments and realize truely individualized therapy programs for a better outcome and your patients’ health.

Or include biofeedback for weight bearing and gait training. Even outpatients remain in sight – with unqique telerehabilitation features for scheduled home training.

Return to sport

Active people strive to get back into sports quickly, but tendons and ligaments have their own regime.

The sports medicine literature offers various methods and tests to evaluate the functional state of the locomotion system after sports injuries. The main goal is to avoid early overloading and reinjury in the process of getting back to sports.

While the concepts are well established, reality lacks simple to use, fast and cost-effcient tools to objectivize the outcomes. ReGo a highly reliable sensor based solution that supports many acknowledged functional movement tests and helps you in establishing a thorough and continuous database of test outcomes during rehabilitation so you can make the best decision for your athletes.

Therefore, ReGo provides both qualitative and quantitative outcomes. Stability in a landing phase and jump distance in a front-hop test are examples for each category. The ReGo analyses span the entire range of foot biomechanics from spatio-temporal (e.g. jump distance, ground contact times) to force related metrics, such as maximum force left/right.

Prepare for competition

You are all about coaching excellence – and your athletes only deserve the best physical conditioning and injury prevention programs you can find.

Then ReGo is the right companion for you. Use the incredibly versatile ReGo tests for functional screenings and share results with medical staff and other stakeholders.

Take advantage of unique insights such as force symmetry, landing patterns, timing or proprioceptive skills to support your athletes indidvidually in getting in top shape or for returning to competition. Super simple to use – anywhere and anytime.

Clinical research

To all clinical investigators out there – questionnaires and laboratories are yesterday. From simple balance tests to complex mobility. ReGo delivers clinical-grade movement evaluation and scores so you can better understand your patients’ condition – for evidence based research and new endpoint developments.

ReGo also saves time and increases the reliability of the study outcomes as many test routines are completely automated. For instance, the walk time for the middle 6 meters on the 10 Meter Walk Test, as per the standard clinical protocol, is computed by ReGo so there is no bias from taking the walk time manually.

In addition, self reported outcomes are collected for each clinical test, such as pain score and fatigue.

The ReGo sequence and schedule features allow clinical investigators to create individual test protocols, consisting of several different movement tests per session, plan execution timetables and have immediate remote access to results of all study centers.

With regards to large scale clinical trials, Moticon offers custom backend interfaces based on API or FTP data exchange, both for test report data and for sensor raw data.

Contact the Moticon clinical team for further information and to discuss your study design.

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