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We enable physicians, trainers and therapists to assess movements so they can find ways to enhance performance and create the best rehab and exercise program for each individual athlete and patient.

Test based biomechanics

Motion analysis going mobile.

ReGo is a mobile motion assessment system for the lower limbs, which rests on unique wireless sensor insoles for load and motion readings that combine with structured movement tests and automated reports.


Revolutionizing outcome assessment

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Athletic Training

Physical Therapy

Clinical Testing


Athletic Training

Change the game.

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You are all about coaching excellence – and your athletes only deserve the best physical conditioning you can find.

Use incredibly versatile ReGo movement tests for functional screenings on the lower limbs and share results with other stakeholders.

Take advantage of valuable insights such as force symmetry, landing patterns, timing or proprioceptive skills to train your athletes individually for top shape or to return to competition – in your facility or remote training camps.

Physical Therapy

Back to walk.

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No matter if you work in trauma rehab, with arthoplasty patients or with chronic musculoskeletal issues on the lower limbs.

ReGo is your best assistant in achieving your patients’ primary goal – walk normally again, without limitations in the range of motion.

Use intuitive progress reports from movement tests to tailor your treatments and realize truely individualized therapy programs. Or include biofeedback for gait training. Even outpatients remain in sight – with telerehabilitation features for scheduled home training.


Clinical Testing

Motor skills challenged.

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To all clinical care professionals out there – questionnaires are yesterday.

ReGo revolutionizes your outcome assessment for neuro and joint replacement patients as it automizes traditional movement tests and transitions an entire gait lab into the patient’s shoe – for a completely new dimension of endpoints related to motor skills.

From simple balance tests to complex mobility. ReGo delivers clinical-grade evaluation so you can better understand your patients’ condition – for evidence based decisions in daily routine.

Product overview

The ReGo system.


Since 2012

Empowering sports and rehab.

Moticon’s sensor insoles and analytics for motion assessment are a breakout success. Our track record ranges from top sports clubs to physical therapy practices and leading clinical trauma and neuro centers.

Since 2012, Moticon is a pioneer and driving force in the market for sensing foot dynamics – with outstanding product innovations and excellent customer services.


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