ReGo Sensor Insoles

The assessment lab in your shoe.

Performance goes mobile. ReGo Sensor Insoles are professional measurement tools to support trainers and therapists in gaining valuable insights for individualized treatment.

Real-time load and motion data and the slimmest package ever take mobile motion analysis to the next level.


High-end wearable sensors

Biomechanical sensors.
Tailored for the foot.

16 Plantar Pressure

6-Axis IMU
(Inertial Measurement Unit)

For data driven training & rehab

Powerful features for daily use.

ReGo Sensor Insoles feature unique functionality tailored for daily assessment routines. They incorporate all technological components to execute high quality live testing. No wires. no bias.

No wires

No cables yet super slim for unbiased testing


100% data integrity
No data loss

Internal charger

Integrated USB-C power unit for fast recharge

Clean & reuse

Robust package for extended longevity

Intelligent operation

Sensor readiness routines for maximum data quality

Planatar pressure sensors​
16 Sensors​
6-axis IMU​
Double sizes​
9 Double sizes​
Rechargeable battery​
USB-C charge unit​
Sample rates​
100 Hz​
Synced live data transmission​

BLE connectivity

A wireless class of its own.


Special Bluetooth Low Energy protocols allow live ReGo Sensor Insole operation with reliable, loss-free data transmission. The mobile device works as an edge computing unit for processing outcomes and synchronizing data with the ReGo backend.

Data acquisition settings

The best setup is always on.

ReGo Sensor Insoles incorporate high precision timing crystals to keep left and right side data in sync – and all data channels are on so your testing contains motion profiles of the highest quality by default.

100 Hz sample rate for highest temporal resolution
Left to right timing drift below 0.006 %
Full channel setup includes load & motion data

Sizes for almost any shoe

Perfect fit. Fits perfectly.

ReGo Sensor Insoles ship in 9 different double sizes, covering 98% of adult sizes and almost any shoe type. With an outline optimized based on nearly a decade of market insights.

Truely smart insoles

Supporting you in doing what you can do best.

ReGo Sensor Insoles feature all the reliability you need. So you get a head start on data acquisition – with automated sensor readiness routines in place – and have more time to make use of outcomes and work with your patients and athletes.

Auto zeroing eliminates sensor drifts continuously
Smart calibration reduces error below 5% for total force
Continuous sensor selfchecks for highest data consistency
Built-in motion detection triggers data acquisition
Smart quiescence safes 58 % power for 30 h on one charge
Small details.
Big impact.

Firmware updates

The sensor insole firmware can be updated via ReGo App in a simple process to introduce new features.


Lifetime calibration

The in-factory sensor calibration lasts life long and allows precision measurements no need for recalibration.


Integrated charger

The integrated charger is powered via USB-C cable. Use any USB source for re-charging your sensor insoles.

Things you want to know

Sensor Insole FAQs

How can I desinfect the sensor insoles?

Moticon Sensor Insoles can be desinfected using typical alcohol-based hand or device desinfectant sprays. Do not use pur fluids….

What is the wireless range of the sensor insoles?

The typical range of the wireless connection between Moticon sensor insoles and a mobile phone or tablet is 10m…

Which sizes are available for the sensor insoles?

Moticon sensor insoles are available in 9 different double sizes. Get more information about available sizes here….

Get an individual quote

Please provide the quantity of sensor insoles, software licenses or other items for your individual quote. Sensor insole sizes can be chosen upon final order (not relevant for your quote).



Apps & Sensor Insoles

ReGo App

€ 0.00 | $ 0.00

Mobile app for Android/iOS

Installable on multiple phones or tablets

ReGo Sensor Insoles

€ 599.00 | $ 599.00

1 pair - all sizes same price

More details >


ReGo Power Supply

€ 99.00 | $ 99.00

EU type fits 4 Dual Charge Cables

More details >

ReGo Dual Charge Cable

€ 9.90 | $ 9.90

USB type A to dual type C for 1 pair of sensor insoles

More details >

Product Bag

€ 149.00 | $ 149.00

For 6 pairs of sensor insoles

More details >

ReGo Floor Marker Disc

€ 19.90 | $ 19.90

Indicates clockwise & counter clockwise

More details >

ReGo Floor Marker Square

€ 29.90 | $ 29.90

Indicates jump area

More details >


ReGo Test Socks

€ 29.00 | $ 29.00

Disposable socks 100 pcs

More details >

ReGo Desinfectant Spray

€ 9.90 | $ 9.90

Sterillium desinfectant 150 ml

More details >

ReGo Desinfectant Refill

€ 29.90 | $ 29.90

Sterillium desinfectant 1 L

More details >


ReGo Setup

€ 99.00 | $ 99.00

Initial customer setup (mandatory)

ReGo Product Training

€ 299.00 | $ 299.00

Comprehensive online training

Wireless Data Transmission

The wireless live data transmission from ReGo Sensor Insoles to the mobile device uses intelligent handshake technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy to avoid the loss of data packages, even when the connection quality drops.

Typical wireless range of the Bluetooth Low Energy connection in indoor settings is ≥ 10 m.

Size table

One Moticon double size covers two regular sizes.

US men
US women
S 1
32 /33
1 / 2
2½ – 3½
S 2
34 / 35
2½ – 3
4 – 4½
S 3
36 / 37
3½ – 4½
5 – 6
S 4
38 / 39
5 / 6
6½ – 7½
S 5
40 / 41
6½ – 7½
8 – 9
S 6
42 / 43
8 / 9
9½ – 10½
S 7
44 / 45
9½ – 10½
11 – 12
S 8
46 / 47
11 / 12
12½ – 13½
S 9
48 / 49
12½ – 13½
14 – 15

Lifetime calibration

Each ReGo Sensor Insole is calibrated individually in the Moticon factory in order to achieve highest accuracy for pressure sensors and total force readings.

Second, the dielectric material which is used for the capactive pressure sensors is extremely durable and shows similar compression and rebounce behavior after extended use compared to the date of factory calibration.

This is why ReGo Sensor Insoles hold its factory calibration over the entire lifespan.

Integrated charge unit

Each ReGo Sensor Insole incorporates a charging unit. Other than the OpenGo Sensor Insoles, the rechargeable coin cell battery is fully integrated and cannot be replaced.

This is to provide maximum usability for daily testing of patients and athletes in a real life environment. You only need to plug a USB-C cable to the sensor insoles for recharging and the ReGo App always provides information about the charge status in real time.

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