Sensor technology becomes part of master’s degree program in sports science at the University of Leipzig

Revolutionizing Sports Science Education: Moticon's Intelligent Sensor Insoles Added to Curriculum at the University of Leipzig

Dr. Maren Witt, Professor of Sports Biomechanics at the University of Leipzig and Dr. Maximilian Müller, CEO of the Munich-based technology company Moticon integrate modern sensor technology into university education

(Munich, March 03, 2023) Sensor technology from the Munich-based technology provider Moticon is making its way into sports science studies at the University of Leipzig starting in the winter semester of 2023/2024, where it will be added to the curriculum. Students pursuing their master’s degree in rehabilitation and prevention at the University of Leipzig will be able to use the intelligent sensor insoles manufactured in Munich in the course “Working with Biomechanical Measurement Stations.” Moticon’s system makes it possible to make movements visible. It gives students the opportunity to perform sports motor tests automatically and objectively. Recommendations for building strength, speed and stability can be concluded from the results. These findings are applicable to both training and rehabilitation. Students learn how to use the system in their research and later work on athletes or patients, and experience potential uses in sports science as well as clinical applications. Many sports scientists work as trainers and sports therapists in various fields after graduation. So it is only logical that they are introduced to the application of important methods and learn about the advantages of digital health technology already during their studies. In the current course of studies, the “ReGo” system has already been successfully used in a trial lecture. “The students were particularly impressed by the easy handling in connection with the app and the fast transmission and report generation.” comments Maren Witt, Professor at the Chair of Biomechanics at the University of Leipzig.

With the completely wireless sensor sole called “OpenGo”, which was already introduced in 2012, Moticon is known to research and top-class sports. The scientific relevance of the sensor soles has been proven in around 90 publications to date, and national and international industry giants such as the Nike Research Lab, Novartis, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the German Ski Association are among its customers, as are some of the world’s leading hospitals and universities, including Charité Berlin and Stanford University, USA. The company has had a cloud-based solution for fully automated testing on the market since 2022 with its “ReGo” product line. “ReGo” consists of sensor soles and an app. For the first time, this provides a tool that makes it possible to perform sports motor tests and make movement visible at any location with minimal effort.

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