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Balance Squat Test

The test is used to provide a qualitative assessment of neuromuscular control of the lumbo-pelvic complex and knee stability.


The Balance Squat test is a clinical test conducted in the position of single leg stance. The test places an advanced proprioceptive demand on the lower body and it entails the measurement of strength and coordination parameters.

Test Preparation

  • Wear sports clothing and shoes
  • Light meal before testing is acceptable, but not obligatory


No equipment needed

Applicable Type

Squat movement on both legs not mastered successfully
Increased surface temperature on injured structure
Increased pain in the lower limbs”

Paramters Overview
  • 1 for range of motion
  • 3 for kinectics & agility
  • 8 for coordination
  • 3 for self reported outcomes
  • 2 for compliance

Test Procedure


Prepare for 1st Leg
  • Start standing straight on both legs
  • Put your hands on the hips
  • Get on one leg of choice
  • In case of an injury start with your healthy leg
  • Your free leg is stretched out!


  • Hold the position over the countdown
  • Squat on START


Squat Down
  • Squat down until your knee is flexed 45°
  • Hands remain on the hips
  • Keep the torso engaged and free leg straight
  • Minimize postural movement
  • Do not touch the floor with your free leg, unless needed for stabilization


Mind Body Position
  • Keep your knee centered and behind your toes
  • Do not bend your upper body sideways
  • Upper body remains parallel to tibia in sagital view
  • Left and right thighs stay parallel
  • Stance foot is kept on the ground
  • Ankle joint of your free leg 90°


Squat Up
  • Push back up through your heel
  • Engage glutes and quadriceps as you go up


Repeats 1st Leg
  • Repeat 2 times to perform 3 squats in total


Prepare for 2nd Leg
  • Get back to original start position
  • Put your hands on the hips
  • Switch to single leg stance with other leg


2nd Leg Repeats
  • Attend to start instructions
  • Squat on START
  • Keep your hands on the hips
  • Perform 3 squats in total


  • Get back to original start position and stand still
  • The test is completed on TEST COMPLETED


  • Enter self reported test criteria
  • Enter your fatigue and pain level
  • Enter free comments, if applicable

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