July 2020

The 10 Meter Walk and Return Test’s outcome parameters


The 10 Meter Walk and Return Test evaluates walking speed and functional mobility, offering valuable insights into gait and balance, especially in neurological populations.
10 meter walk and return test outcomes to assess functional mobility, gait, and vestibular function

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The 10 Meter Walk and Return Test is a simple, practical assessment tool used to measure an individual’s walking speed and functional mobility. It is designed to evaluate gait speed, which is an important indicator of functional mobility, balance, and lower extremity function.

Therefore, the primary outcome metric is Speed in m/s (Fig-1, top left). The ReGo system offers many other outcome parameters that help therapists to understand how the primary result is achieved. 

Graphical analysis of the 10 Meter Walk and Return Test showing various outcome parameters, including speed, turning steps, and mean pressure distribution.
Fig-1: Primary and various secondary outcome parameters of the 10 Meter Walk and Return Test

For example, Turning Steps (Fig-1, bottom left) relates to the steps needed to pivot around the turning mark. This can be an interesting parameter in populations with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. Patients with shuffling gait are expected to have a higher value in Turning Steps. 

Further outcomes of the ReGo 2 Minute Walk Test are the Mean Pressure Distribution (Fig-1, middle), which displays the mean pressure for each pressure sensor averaged over all stance phases. Here you can see that the pressure in the area of the big toe is higher on the left, which indicates that the patient rolled over the big toe. On the right, on the other hand, the pressure is higher in the middle of the forefoot, but not in the area of the big toe. This is accompanied by a shortened gait line on the right side, both in the forefoot and in the hindfoot (Fig-1, right). 

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