May 2020

The 15 Seconds Treadmill Run Test’s outcome parameters


ReGo's 15 Seconds Treadmill Run Test provides detailed running analysis, highlighting key parameters like gait line and cadence to improve performance and reduce injury risk.
Enhance Your Running with In-Depth Analysis from ReGo’s 15 Seconds Treadmill Run Test

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Running analysis is a powerful tool for runners of all levels, providing detailed insights that can enhance performance, prevent injuries, and ensure a safe and effective running experience.

The ReGo system enables unbiased running assessments using the 15 Seconds Treadmill Run Test.

One of the key outcome parameters of the 15 Seconds Treadmill Run is the gait line, which shows how the foot rolls over the ground (Fig-1, left). In this example, the right gait line is wider than the left (Fig-1, top middle) as it describes a slight curve, while the left one is straighter. Additionally, the right gait line is longer than the left, indicating that the center of pressure (COP) moves further forward towards the tip of the foot during the stance phase on the right side. 

Fig-1: Some of ReGo’s 15 Seconds Treadmill Run test outcomes.

Further ReGo parameters are Cadence, which is the number of complete single steps per minute (Fig-1, bottom middle). It is a crucial aspect of running form and can significantly impact performance, efficiency, and injury risk.

Fig-1 on the right shows the Initial and Final Ground Contact Points, which are the points of first and last ground contact, respectively. Here, the Final Ground Contact Points are scattered more than the Initial Ground Contact Points, especially on the left side.  

These are just some ReGo parameters that help coaches and therapists to get in-depth insights into their athletes and patients running technique. 
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