Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

| 2015

Validation and reliability testing of a new, fully integrated gait analysis insole

Benedikt Johannes Braun, Nils Thomas Veith, Rebecca Hell, Stefan Döbele, Michael Roland, Mika Rollmann, Jörg Holstein, Tim Pohlemann

Department of Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, Saarland University


Gait analysis, Integrated insole system, Validation, Reliability


Background A new tool (OpenGo, Moticon GmbH) was introduced to continuously measure kinetic and temporospatial gait parameters independently through an insole over up to 4 weeks. The goal of this study was to investigate the validity and reliability of this new insole system in a group of healthy individuals. Methods Gait data were collected from 12 healthy individuals on a treadmill at two different speeds. In total, six trials of three minutes each were performed by every participant. Validation was performed with the FDM-S System (Zebris). Complete sensor data were used for a within test reliability analysis of over 10000 steps. Intraclass correlation was calculated for different gait parameters and analysis of variance performed. Results Intraclass correlation for the validation was >0.796 for temporospatial and kinetic gait parameters. No statistical difference was seen between the insole and force plate measurements (difference between means: 36.3 ± 27.19 N; p = 0.19 and 0.027 ± 0.028 s; p = 0.36). Intraclass correlation for the reliability was >0.994 for all parameters measured. Conclusion The system is feasible for clinical trials that require step by step as well as grouped analysis of gait over a long period of time. Comparable validity and reliability to a stationary analysis tool has been shown.

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