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August 2017

Zurich: Moticon & AO Foundation intensify cooperation

AO Foundation and Moticon to hold OpenGo sensor insole research meeting in Zurich

Great success for Moticon and the AO Foundation on the dedicated “Sensor Insole Workshop”!

Moticon joined the workshop “Sensor Insole based Patient Outcome Assessment” organized by the AO Foundation on August 31st in Zurich, Switzerland.

Some breathtaking news rolled out right at the start: The peer-reviewed approval of a major 5 year multi-center study, which is dedicated to patient fracture aftercare outcome assessment with Moticon sensor insole products. The AO Foundation is working on a revolutionary in-patient care approach aimed at enhancing rehabilitation quality. We’re proud that Moticon is an integral project partner. In total, 4500 patients will be included and several clinics will collaborate on a completely new, multi-dimensional approach for patient outcome assessment and active patient feedback.

Surgeons and decision makers from Asia Pacific, Europe, and USA participated in the exciting discussions centered on the question, “how to improve quality of life for patients suffering from lower limb injuries?” The Moticon team was given the opportunity to introduce our latest developments and outlook, including the upcoming Moticon Cloud Solutions for cloud based patient data storage and analytics.

Thanks to all participants and the great enthusiasm to push eHealth solutions forward!


The AO Foundation is the world’s largest organization for education and research in the area of osteosynthesis. Moticon and the AO have built a unique toolbox for patient monitoring over the last 5 years. The partnership started in 2012 with development of core technology for long-term gait monitoring, which progressed over the years in making Moticon a standard tool for all AO clinical studies for lower limb functional outcome measurements.


AO Foundation

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