Hop Test

Balance Front Hop

The test provides a qualitative assessment of a low impact front jump with regards to movement coordination during landing. Qualitative landing mechanics can be a helpful indicator for recovery progression. The test is also helpful in identifying asymmetries and deficits between limbs.


The Balance Front Hop test is a single-legged hop test over a distance of 40 cm, performed on flat surface. It involves 3 repeats each with the left and the right leg. The best hop is evaluated. Hands shall rest on the hips during test execution. Individual trials are invalid if landing is inside the 40 cm mark, if balance cannot be maintained during the holding phase or if the free foot touches the ground. The test poses concentric and eccentric jump loads on the lower extremities. The main goal is to perform the task with proper landing mechanics (centered balance) and maintain balance for 3 seconds after landing.

Test Preparation

Place square floor mark on the ground

Wear sports clothing and shoes

Light meal before testing is acceptable, but not obligatory


Pain in the lower limbs

Swelling or increased surface temperaturen injured structure

Not cleared for lower limb weight bearing


1x square floor mark 40 cm side length or tape mark

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Test Procedure


Prepare for 1st Leg
  • Stand upright on both feet
  • Tip of shoes point at one edge of the floor mark
  • Put your hands on the hips
  • Get on one leg of choice
  • In case of an injury start with your healthy leg



Hop on START


  • Keep your hands on the hips
  • Hop straight over the square floor marker
  • Leave floor marker just behind


  • Land just behind the square floor marker
  • Try to land as balanced as possible


  • Hold single-legged balance over 3 seconds until STOP
  • Keep landing foot entirely on the floor
  • Stay straight & minimize postural movement
  • Do not touch the floor with your free foot


Repeats 1st Leg
  • Get back to the original start position
  • Get on the same leg as before
  • Repeat procedure 2 more times to perform 3 hops in total


Prepare for 2nd Leg
  • Get back to original start position
  • Put your hands on the hips
  • Switch to your opposite leg


2nd Leg Repeats
  • Attend to START instructions
  • Hop straight over the square floor marker
  • Keep your hands on the hips
  • Leave floor marker behind
  • Perform 3 hops in total


  • Get back to original start position and stand still
  • The test is completed on TEST COMPLETED


Optional Input
  • Enter coach-reported outcomes
  • Enter self-reported outcomes
  • Enter notes
  • Assign labels

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