OpenGo Sensor Insoles

A gait lab
in your shoe.

Performance goes mobile. OpenGo Sensor Insoles are professional measurement tools for sensing foot dynamics.

Load and motion data in real-time and the thinnest wireless package ever take motion research to the next level. Out of the lab – into real life.


High-performance sensors

Biomechanical sensors.
For science at the foot.

16 Plantar Pressure

6-Axis IMU
(Inertial Measurement Unit)

For gait and movement sciences

Powerful features for challenging research.

OpenGo Sensor Insoles feature unique functionality tailored for research users. They incorporate all technological components to execute standalone measurements. No wires. No bias.

No wires

No cables yet super slim for unbiased measurements


Instantaneous data transmission

Raw sensor data

Full access for own post-processing

Parallel operation

Using multiple systems simultaneously

Onboard recording

Facilitating standalone measurements in the field

BLE connectivity

A wireless class of its own.


Special Bluetooth Low Energy protocols allow days of OpenGo Sensor Insole operation on one charge and reliable, loss-free data transmission. A mobile device works as a hub and passes on measurement data to the endpoint computer via WiFi network connection.

Time synced sensors

Just on time. For each single sample in your data acquisition.

OpenGo Sensor Insoles incorporate high precision timing crystals to keep left and right side data in sync. For high speed tests in sports just as important as for longterm patient monitoring.

Absolute time stamp for activity of day analysis
Left to right timing drift below 0.006%
Sync options for MOCAP systems

Sizes for almost any shoe

Perfect fit. Fits perfectly.

OpenGo Sensor Insoles ship in 9 different double sizes, covering 98% of adult sizes and almost any shoe type. With an outline optimized based on nearly a decade of market insights.

Flexible sampling rate

The right speed for each purpose.

10 Hz to 100 Hz adjustable sampling for the right speed
Extend recording time for longterm monitoring
Get high temporal resolution for speedy motion

Truely smart insoles

Supporting you in succeeding your research.

Moticon sensor insoles feature all the reliability you need. So you get a head start on data acquisition – with sensor levels and calibration already in place – and have more time to analyze data and work with your subject.

Auto zeroing eliminates sensor drifts after just a few steps
Individual calibration reduces error below 5 % for total force
Continuous sensor self-checks for 100 % data quality
Built-in motion detection triggers gait monitoring
Smart quiescence safes 58 % power for 30 h on one charge

MOCAP synchronization

Time synchronized motion analysis.

The OpenGo Sync Box helps creating time synchronized data readings whenever OpenGo Sensor Insoles are combined with other motion capture systems, such as body worn IMU sensors or video analysis.

The device connects to the OpenGo App for generating or receiving standard output and input signals, which can be used for synchronization.

Small details.
Big impact.

Firmware updates

The firmware can be updated via OpenGo App to introduce performance enhancements or for new features.


Lifetime calibration

The pressure sensors are factory calibrated and last for the entire lifespan. No return required for recalibration.


100% duty cycle

Empty coin cell batteries can be replaced with fully charged ones within seconds. And off you go again.


Data backup

Activate intermediate onboard backups to avoid data loss on low battery or battery change during long term measurements.


Timed recording

Stops data recordings automatically after elapsed time. Reduces waste data and saves your time in postprocessing.


Smart recording

Stops and resumes onboard recordings automatically based on activity. Extends your long-term monitoring periods.

Things you want to know

Sensor Insole FAQs

I cannot connect to sensor insoles

Please have a look at our documentation article for troubleshooting Bluetooth connections….

How do I do a firmware update on the sensor insoles?

For further information on how to update sensor insoles firmware, please see the corresponding section in the documentation….

How good is the left-right sync when I record data?

Go to the OpenGo Sensor Insoles page about synchronization to learn more about how accurate the time sync between…

What options for recording data do I have?

The OpenGo system offers various options for recording measurement data with the OpenGo Sensor Insoles. Basically, you can choose…

How can I transfer data from the sensor insoles to my desktop computer?

Measurement data from the OpenGo Sensor Insoles is transferred via mobile phone or tablet to your computer. You need…

Can I leave the coin cell battery in the sensor insoles?

Yes, you can leave the coin cell batteries in the sensor insoles when they are not in use. The…

How can I desinfect the sensor insoles?

Moticon Sensor Insoles can be desinfected using typical alcohol-based hand or device desinfectant sprays. Do not use pur fluids….

Can I use the sensor insoles for longterm monitoring?

Yes, you can use OpenGo Sensor Insoles for longterm monitoring. The overall recording time depends on the settings for…

What is the wireless range of the sensor insoles?

The typical range of the wireless connection between Moticon sensor insoles and a mobile phone or tablet is 10m…

How comfortable are the sensor insoles?

The general wearability of Moticon sensor insoles is excellent due to its slim and flexible layout. The sensor insoles…

How long does the coin cell battery last?

One full coin cell battery charge typically lasts between 08:00h and 15:00 h of continuous recording. Note that these…

Which channels are included in the raw sensor data?

You can select the sensor channels that are included in the raw data in the OpenGo App settings for…

Can I record sensor data on the sensor insoles?

Yes, you can record sensor data on the built-in memory of the OpenGo Sensor Insoles. If you use the…

How long can I record data on the onboard memory?

The overall time you can record data on the onboard memory depends on the settings you make for data…

Can I realize realtime data transmission?

Yes, the Moticon OpenGo system offers a live data transmission from the OpenGo Sensor Insoles to the OpenGo Software,…

Do you offer warranty for the sensor insoles?

Moticon is not offering a general warranty for sensor insoles as durability strongly depends in the usage. Each sensor…

How durable are the sensor insoles?

Use Moticon sensor insoles in day to day research or testing – but treat it with care when putting…

Which sizes are available for the sensor insoles?

Moticon sensor insoles are available in 9 different double sizes. Get more information about available sizes here….

Are the sensor insoles certified as a medical product?

Moticon OpenGo products are currently not certified as a medical product….

Which wireless standard is used in the sensor insoles?

Moticon sensor insoles use Bluetooth Low Energy technology for transmitting data to a mobile phone or tablet. The sensor…

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OpenGo App

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Free of charge

OpenGo Sensor Insoles

1 pair - all sizes same price

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OpenGo Software

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BASIC Module


VIDEO Module

GAIT Module


JUMP Module

OpenGo Accessories

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Coin Cell Batteries

1 pair for 1 pair of sensor insoles

Coin Cell Charger

Sync Box

TTL trigger signals for synchronization

Product Bag

For 6 pairs of sensor insoles

Coin Cell Bag

For 10 pairs of coin cells

Sensor Insoles Sack

For 1 pair of sensor insoles

Battery Lid

For sensor insole (spare part only!)

OpenGo Software Development Kits

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Endpoint SDK

Insole SDK

Mobile SDK

Wireless Data Transmission

The wireless data transmission from OpenGo Sensor Insoles to the mobile device uses intelligent handshake technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy. This avoids the loss of data packages, even when the connection quality drops.

Typical wireless range of the Bluetooth Low Energy connection in indoor settings is ≥ 10 m, in in-field settings up to 20 m.

Size table

One Moticon double size covers two regular sizes.

US men
US women
S 1
32 /33
1 / 2
2½ – 3½
S 2
34 / 35
2½ – 3
4 – 4½
S 3
36 / 37
3½ – 4½
5 – 6
S 4
38 / 39
5 / 6
6½ – 7½
S 5
40 / 41
6½ – 7½
8 – 9
S 6
42 / 43
8 / 9
9½ – 10½
S 7
44 / 45
9½ – 10½
11 – 12
S 8
46 / 47
11 / 12
12½ – 13½
S 9
48 / 49
12½ – 13½
14 – 15

Pressure sensor zeroing

Lifetime calibration

Each OpenGo Sensor Insole is calibrated individually in the Moticon Factory in order to achieve highest accuracy for pressure sensors and total force readings. Second, the dielectric material which is used for the capactive pressure sensors is extremely durable and shows similar compression and rebounce behavior after extended use compared to the date of factory calibration. This is why OpenGo Sensor Insoles hold its factory calibration over the entire lifespan.

The OpenGo Sensor Insoles offer unique features for longterm data collection in real life. This use case implies more uncertainties such as low battery status compared to shorter measurements in a controlled environment. The data backup feature offers settings for periodic sensor data backups on the permanent on-board memory such that only a minimum of data is lost on system shutdown – providing extra data safety for costly real life data collection.

Smart Recording

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