OpenGo Software

A powerful toolbox for motion analysis.

The OpenGo Software is modular and resembles countless useful functions for cutting edge motion research.

Replaying, editing and analyzing data is just as intuitive as synchronizing videos or automated reports. And the name speaks for itself – free access to raw data included.


Software modules

your software

Configure your software package individually and choose from a wide range of modules. You only buy what you need – and more if you need it.

Base Module

Analysis Modules

Data Editing & Labeling
Sensor Cluster
Enhanced Analysis Functions
Barcode based Sync
Multi Viewpoint
Video Replay Widget

Report Modules

Dynamic & Static Analysis
Forces, Pressure & Spatial
Configurable Layout
Proprioception & Symmetry
Pressure, COP & Variability
Configurable Layout
Various Jump Types
Force, Impulse & Height
Configurable Layout

Seamless operation

A whole product for data analysis.


The OpenGo Software is the endpoint for data collection – connecting via WiFi to the OpenGo App and receiving measurement data from the OpenGo Sensor Insoles. A comprehensive toolbox is available for eventually analyzing the measurement data.

OpenGo Base

Well equipped to get started.


This is the right module if you are a researcher primarily interested in raw sensor data.

The OpenGo Desktop module provides functionality to receive sensor insole measurements from the OpenGo App, trim and replay data as well as various options for importing and exporting data.

Measurement Tree

Overview of measurements and access to folders


Create folders and organize measurements


Replay measurements at different speeds and in loops


Merge selected data channels from two measurements

UDP Import

Import sensor data or event triggers in real time via UDP protocol

UDP Export

Export sensor data in real time via UDP protocol

Static Report

Analyzes left and right foot’s plantar pressure distribution

Symmetry Report

Analyzes left and right foot’s force symmetry

Cut & Crop

Cut out waste data or crop any data to relevant segments

Dashboard Layout

Configure the dashboard layout and fill in different data widgets

Pressure 2D/3D & COP

Display pressure distribution and center of pressure

Line Graph

Display any combination of sensor channels in a line graph

Bar Graph

Display any combination of sensor channels in a bar graph

Raw Data Export

Export raw sensor data channels in SI units


Duplicate measurements to keep original


Delete measurements

OpenGo Analyze

Comprehensive sensor data analysis.



Connect two or more measurements one after another

Edit Channels

Edit and delete event groups or single events

Event Marker

Add events to mark sensor data in a separate channel

Mean & Max Pressure

Create mean or maximum pressure distribution of a measurement

Differential Pressure

Create delta of two mean or maximum pressure distributions

Import Text Data

Import 3rd party data in text format

Max Pressure Channel

Results in the maximum pressure value and channel per data sample

Comparison View

Replay two or more measurements simultaneously


Create snapshot of sensor data at a certain point in time


Compute summary value of a cluster of sensor channels

Import Measurements

Import measurements from other users

The OpenGo Analyze module contains additional key features for more sophisticated data analysis.

Edit data channels, create sensor clusters and add event markers to prepare your data for further analysis.

Compute statistical metrics and compare results from two or more measurements to keep track of progress or peculiar details.

OpenGo Video

Simultaneous sensor and video data.


Obtain unique insights into human movement by matching video recordings and objective sensor data. 

Start synchronizing videos automatically with the OpenGo Video module to safe time and include different viewpoints to see more action in detail.

Video Import

Import one or more digital videos to a measurement

Webcam Stream

Synchronize a webcam stream with sensor insole data

Automized Sync

Barcode based video synchronization with sensor insole data

Manual Sync

Synchronize videos manually with sensor insole data


Display a video along with sensor insole data

Multi Viewpoints

Display multiple video viewpoints along with sensor insole data

OpenGo Reports

Automated and configurable reports.


The OpenGo report modules for free data acquisition take full advantage of Moticon’s validated pattern recognition algorithms – automatically detecting respective movements and computing report metrics within seconds. 

Flexible page layouts allow you to customize the report content – with powerful comparison and export functions helping to streamline your workflow.

Bulk Processing

Create bulk reports for any number of measurements on one click

Configurable Report Design

Define page layout, included data widgets and number of pages

Comparison View

Directly compare two measurements in one report

Configurable Data Widgets

Edit settings for scale, legend, data representation and more

PDF Report

Create a PDF document including all data widgets of a report

Insole Widget

Display sensor insole related mean outcomes such as gait line or pressure

Line Graph Widget

Display single values over a movement cycle in a line graph

Statistics Spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet that includes all numerical data of a report

Bulk Statistics Spreadsheet

Create a summary spreadsheet including numerical data of multiple reports

Static Report

Jump Report

Symmetry Report

Balance Report

Gait Report


Outcome assessment

50+ validated report metrics.



Jumps Hurdle Jumps

Gait Partial Weight Bearing

Gait Sprinting

Balance Single Leg Stance

Special features that make a difference.

Import 3rd party data

Make use of importing text files to add external sensor data such as heart rate, EMG or force plate data into an existing OpenGo measurement.


Free export features

Even the entry-level module allows full access to sensor raw data and pre-processed channels such as total force and center of pressure.


Touch mode

Touch friendly buttons for all features so you can also use OpenGo software on tablets – including line graph editing and report settings.


Crop videos

Sometimes you can’t match the video exactly to related sensor insole data – crop videos automatically in the software to minimize your file size.


Step wise metrics

When you run a gait report on a measurement, you receive step wise metrics in addition to the mean values. All in handy spreadsheet format.


Automated bulk reports

100+ reports with no effort – batch processed reports and all outcome metrics load into one summary spreadsheet automatically. Convenient and efficient.


Frequently asked questions

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It is not possible to analyze data on the OpenGo App. The mobile app shows live data and can…

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The OpenGo system offers various options for synchronizing OpenGo Sensor Insole data with other motion capture systems. Generally, the…

What are the minimum system requirements for the desktop software?

The Moticon OpenGo Desktop Software is currently available for Windows operating systems only. Minimum system requirements:Windows 10Intel i5 or…

Can I use my desktop software without updates?

Refer to this FAQ article for more information about software updates….

Do I have to pay for software updates?

All customers receive the latest software version when purchasing Moticon software for the first time. In addition, Moticon offers…

Can I realize realtime data transmission?

Yes, the Moticon OpenGo system offers a live data transmission from the OpenGo Sensor Insoles to the OpenGo Software,…

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