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High-end motion analytics for objective insights enhancing athlete training and patient recovery.

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Pressure. Force. Timing. Motion.

Moticon Sensor Insoles combine accurate pressure distribution and force readings with state of the art motion sensing technology. We enable clinical grade mobile motion assessments that can be used effortless by trainers, health professionals and researchers.


For training and rehab.

The cutting edge outcome assessment and biofeedback system for trainers and health professionals


For research.

The most versatile toolkit for free data acquisition and comprehensive analytics in research

Our legacy is science.
Since 2012.

Moticon is revolutionizing the mobile in-shoe wearables market with its wireless sensor insoles. It was the first of its kind. Yet, the 3rd generation raises the bar and sets the stakes – again. In daily use by organizations in clinical research, health care, rehabilitation, performance sports – all around the world.

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moticon key account customer novartis
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moticon key account customer ao foundation

In-house technology.
Made in Germany.

We believe in the power of own technology as it allows us to push the limits with every single development we make. Moticon runs own production and test facilities in Munich, Germany and we have spun a network of top class suppliers around the globe to make the best sensor insoles on the market. 

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Recent Publications
Clinical Publication

Efficient fall detection in four directions based on smart insoles and RDAE-LSTM model

Sport Publication

Measuring variation in vertical ground reaction force for football boot midsoles, playing surfaces and football specific movements

Sport Publication

Acute Effect of Inhibitory Kinesio Tape on Range of Motion, Dynamic Balance, and Gait in Athletes with Hamstring Shortness

Clinical Publication

Is remote active feedback gait retraining comparable to in-person retraining 2 years post anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction


On the verve – New team members enforcing Moticon’s ability to tackle path of growth

Moticon to launch new solution ReGo for fully automated motion testing

Moticon Testimonial 007 Prof. Constance Chu Stanford University USA

“Working with Moticon sensor insoles has allowed us to take our project out of the lab and into a much more familiar setting for our participants, using wireless connectivity allows for simple data collection and reduces the overall set up time. Being able to work with the technical support team on specific customised features has also been extremely useful.”

Sören Müller
Institute for Applied Training Sciences Leipzig, GERMANY
Head of Ski & Nordic Training Group

“We use the pressure measurement soles in the entire training process of all training groups in the ski jumping and Nordic combination teams of the German Ski Association. Our ultimate goal is to release performance potentials. We have chosen Moticon over other vendors because we only have to carry the sensor insoles and no bulky measurement technology equipment when we travel to a training session. Moreover the athletes feels little to no change when he or she completes a ski jump or another training exercise with the insole.”

Tim Pohlemann
University Clinic Saarland, GERMANY
Chair of Surgery & Clinic Director Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery

“Innovative, technologically brilliant – an important step in comprehending post-op patient activity for clinical research. For the first time, we were able to track continuous load profiles across complete healing processes of lower limb fractures in real life. We appreciate Moticon’s efforts to implement challenging product features for scientific research.”

Thomas Stöggl
Paris Lodron University Salzburg, AUSTRIA
Professor Training Sciences Scientific Director Red Bull Athlete Performance Center

“We work with Moticon products in training routines because of the simple setup without much preparation effort. I like the realization of the vision of wireless measurements with low effort and little interference for the athletes as well as the company’s excellent customer support.”

Alexandra Hammerberg
University of Washington, USA
Researcher Primate Evolutionary Biomechanics Laboratory

“My dissertation work with the moticon insoles, funded in part by the National Science Foundation, is situated at the intersection between biomechanics research and clinical orthopaedics. The insoles allow us to take our work outside the laboratory and access environments and terrains that are not possible to reproduce in a lab. Moticon’s product balances engineering and science, with a clear understanding of customer needs. Their support team is both responsive and accommodating when we need specific product details for academic publications. We plan to apply for further NSF funding to purchase more moticon insoles for our future work based on their success in integrating with our lab’s research.”