April 2024

Moticon joins Woodway treadmills in FIBO fitness fair

Professional treadmill users seek cutting-edge gait analysis for precise training. ReGo excels in mobile and indoor testing, sparking strategic partnership with Woodway.
moticon to join woodway with new gait analysis solution on FIBO

We loved to learn just recently that many professional treadmill users in clinics and performance labs are in need for a cutting edge gait and running analysis. The topic is hot because functional outcomes are key to objectively assess the quality of motion and to develop individualized training or rehab programs. 

And while our ReGo product plays out its competitive advantage in mobile motion testing with patients or athletes in real life, it is certainly a good match for high quality indoor testing, too. Moreover, users have access to the entire range of ReGo motion tests for return-to-sport and performance diagnostic.

So it was a real pleasure for our team to join Michael Brink and Woodway GmbH on FIBO last week for showcasing our latest gait analysis tests on their treadmills. Given the visitors’ attention, we feel that the small mission sparked a new strategic partnership big time. It will be very exciting to see the response of U.S. users as we will bring the combined solution to the ACSM24 conference of American College of Sports Medicine in May as part of Moticon AG’s ReGo exhibition portfolio.

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