About Moticon

Born in the cradle of sports.

The first steps of Moticon were taken in the Olympic Center in Munich, Germany. Working in this inspiring environment, Moticon’s founders were intrigued by the vision of transitioning motion analysis technology from research to the real world.

In 2012, they started on their journey towards developing a groundbreaking wearable product for sensing foot dynamics that is able to replace complex technology more suited for laboratories.

Who we are

At the forefront of Digital Health.

We are Moticon and are fundamentally changing the way motion analysis for sports training and rehabilitation is conducted. Our products help improve athletes’ motion and overcome patients dysfunction so they can move better than before, achieve their goals and enjoy a fitter and healthier life.

Our mission

Democratize motion insights.

We make cutting edge motion sensing technology and analysis insights available to every trainer, therapist and investigator for the good of enhancing performance, accelerating return-to-play and preventing injuries.

Therefore, we make wireless sensor insoles and analysis software in a way the market has not seen before, enabling superior evidence based coaching and treatment for the perspective of real-life, rather than in the lab.

Moticon Team

Meet the faces behind Moticon

Our company is privately held by its founders with strong commitment to operational excellence and our core team is made of enthusiastic and talented people with a real passion for digital health and sports technology.
Our goal is to provide outstanding service to our customers, and always keep shipping the best products we can make.


Maximilian Mueller


Business development & sales, hardware development & production


Robert Vilzmann


Software development & algorithms, intellectual property, quality management


Florian Zierer

Senior Software Developer

Firmware & backend development


Manuel Perez Prada

Head of Design

Product design & management, user experience & marketing


Stephan Hofmann

Senior Software Developer

Mobile front end development, database & user management


Alena Minchenia

Office Manager

Procurement, logistics


Malgorzata Zygula

Production Manager

Sensor insole production


Raphael Ziegler

Application Specialist

Sports physiotherapy


Christopher Popfinger

Data Warehouse Specialist

Business intelligence, database & ERP systems


Florian Braunmiller

Sports Scientist

Sales support performance sports & clinical, marketing


Andre Zschernig

Board Member

Business development


Erica Ramiréz

Data Scientist

Algorithm development, big data analysis, machine learning

Stefan Arenz

Application Specialist

Performance sports, sports science


Frederic Rothe

Sports Scientist

Customer Quality Manager


Tanja Hein

Sports Scientist

Sales Support Sport & Clinical