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Moticon offers sensor insoles and software for gait and motion analysis in research. We solve the problem of laboratory limitations by offering a motion analysis lab which can be inserted in the shoe.

Moticon OpenGo mobile motion analysis for clinical research and sports science

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Python programming scripts for OpenGo sensor insole data analysis

OpenGo Python Library

The productivity boost for programmers!

Our new Moticon-OpenGo Python library gives you a head start into data analysis. This library makes it easy to work with OpenGo sensor insole data. It helps in the phase in between data collection and final outcome assessment, providing functionality for working with raw data and report data generated with the OpenGo Software.

Sports Science

Get on the track.

Sports Science

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Your profile

You are an enthusiastic sports scientist, pushing the limits of sports. You are interested in measuring foot biomechanics without biasing the athlete – and you are keen about enhancing performance or reducing the risk of injuries. Here you go.

OpenGo offers completely wireless and super slim sensor insoles to capture foot dynamics.

Analyze data and videos or create automated reports to obtain actionable information and find groundbreaking insights for training.

Thomas Stöggl
Paris Lodron University Salzburg
Professor Training Sciences
Scientific Director Red Bull Athlete Performance Center

“We work with Moticon products in training routines because of the simple setup without much preparation effort. I like the realization of the vision of wireless measurements with low effort and little interference for the athletes as well as the company’s excellent customer support.”

Sören Müller
Institute for Applied Training Sciences Leipzig (IAT)
Head of Ski & Nordic Training Group

“We use the pressure measurement soles in the entire training process of all training groups in the ski jumping and Nordic combination teams of the German Ski Association. Our ultimate goal is to release performance potentials. We have chosen Moticon over other vendors because we only have to carry the sensor insoles and no bulky measurement technology equipment when we travel to a training session. Moreover the athletes feels little to no change when he or she completes a ski jump or another training exercise with the insole.”

Recent publications

In-plane Density Gradation of Shoe Midsoles for Optimized Cushioning Performance

UnderPressure: Deep Learning for Foot Contact Detection, Ground Reaction Force Estimation and Footskate Cleanup

Lower Extremity Loading and Subsequent Muscle Soreness Following High-Intensity Interval Training Protocols: A Pilot Study

Clinical Research

The lab is not enough.

Clinical Research

The lab is not enough.

Your profile

Making patients’ life better is your top priority. You are surgeon, neurologist or investigator, planning a clinical research study related to gait or proprioception.

Wether you are interested in longterm gait profiles or realtime feedback training. OpenGo opens up completely new opportunities for cross sectional and longitudinal studies – and always delivers unbiased, clinical grade data.

Moticon Testimonial 007 Prof. Constance Chu Stanford University USA

“Working with Moticon sensor insoles has allowed us to take our project out of the lab and into a much more familiar setting for our participants, using wireless connectivity allows for simple data collection and reduces the overall set up time. Being able to work with the technical support team on specific customised features has also been extremely useful.”

Bruce Ford
Celestra health systems

In addition to the sensor insoles, one of the things we were really impressed with was the quality of Moticon’s software development kit and the ease we were able to integrate their software into our smartphone app. Without the Moticon software there would be no way for us to control the smart insoles. Within six weeks we had a working prototype, within ten weeks the combined software was production ready thanks to Moticons SDK (Software Development Kit). This is a remarkable achievement by any measure. The technical support we received from Moticon was excellent towards the integration phase. The more we learned about the Moticon ReGo product the more impressed we were. The simple calibration is only one example. Clearly Moticon is a company that pays attention to details to ensure that the overall user experience is star.

Alexandra Hammerberg
University of Washington
Researcher Primate Evolutionary Biomechanics Laboratory

“My dissertation work with the moticon insoles, funded in part by the National Science Foundation, is situated at the intersection between biomechanics research and clinical orthopaedics. The insoles allow us to take our work outside the laboratory and access environments and terrains that are not possible to reproduce in a lab. Moticon’s product balances engineering and science, with a clear understanding of customer needs. Their support team is both responsive and accommodating when we need specific product details for academic publications. We plan to apply for further NSF funding to purchase more moticon insoles for our future work based on their success in integrating with our lab’s research.”

Recent publications

Restoration of sensory feedback from the foot and reduction of phantom limb pain via closed-loop spinal cord stimulation

Machine learning-based identification and classification of physical fatigue levels: A novel method based on a wearable insole device

Risk of falls, lower limb strength and dynamic balance in elderly persons assessed at home: intra-rater reliability


Enabling human machine interface control.

Your profile

You are developing the next generation of human machine robotics and need real life sensor data to control your system.

OpenGo provides accurate realtime force and motion data related to ground reaction mechanisms – as well as corresponding interfaces that allow closed loop system integration.


custom developments.

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From small innovation projects at universities to world market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Countless development teams have used the Moticon Software Development Kit solutions to make use of the unique OpenGo Sensor Insole technology for their own product or application.

MOCAP synchronization

Time synchronized motion analysis.

The OpenGo Sync Box helps creating time synchronized data readings whenever OpenGo Sensor Insoles are combined with other motion capture systems, such as body worn IMU sensors or video analysis.

The device connects to the OpenGo App for generating or receiving standard output and input signals, which can be used for synchronization.

Since 2012

Empowering research.

Moticon’s sensor insoles and analytics for motion research are a breakout success. Our track record ranges from customers in leading sports science institutes to outstanding clinical research and top pharmaceutical companies.

Since 2012, Moticon is a pioneer and driving force in the market for sensing foot dynamics – with outstanding product innovations and excellent customer services.

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