Ephion Health and Moticon collaborate to enhance patient mobility assessment and improve mobility-related health care

Many neuro-degenerative diseases are associated with changes in patients’ gait pattern. Gait analysis is a suitable starting point for targeted monitoring of these diseases. That's where Ephion Health's technology comes in.
Ephion Health teams up for new digital biomarker solution

Barcelona/Munich, 28.06.2023 – Ephion Health, a digital platform for objective and simple monitoring of patient mobility, is partnering with Moticon whose sensor insoles are now part of the integrated wearables.

The platform is used by physicians and researchers for objective and digital assessment of patient mobility. Moreover, Ephion Health is offering its platform to pharmaceutical companies for the development and introduction of digital endpoints in their clinical trials. The approach aims to accelerate clinical research and facilitate the development of new drugs for diseases that affect patient mobility in a faster and more economical way. The combination of Moticon’s sensor insoles and Ephion’s platform allows for the measurement of mobility and helps predict medical outcomes.

The new partnership rests on using Moticon’s wearable sensors to capture biomechanical, clinical grade data from patients, which is then analyzed by the Ephion Health machine learning algorithms to determine the health status of the patient. The data is sent securely and anonymously to Ephion Health servers. Clinically relevant parameters are eventually provided to the physicians along with AI-derived biomarker information.

Enrique Llaudet, CEO of Ephion Health (second from the left) states: “The company’s objective is to make Ephion Health the new standard for digital clinical measures of conditions that affect mobility. The collaboration with Moticon is an important step in this direction.”

Ephion Health is already allowing a more objective assessment of patients with relevant data about their gait characteristics and physiological changes. A recent scientific publication in the prestigious journal SENSORS (https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/23/2/831) has shown how this technology is able to detect changes in the mobility of patients with greater precision than current functional assays.

The platform has been validated with people suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, as part of the 6MWT+ project funded and supported by EIT Health. The aim of the company is to expand the number of diseases that can be monitored with the platform. Two new clinical studies have been launched with patients with neuromuscular diseases at the Santa Creu i Sant Pau and Sant Joan de Déu hospitals in Barcelona. Additionally, there is a third pilot study in collaboration with Quirón Salud to monitor the risk of falling in elderly patients.

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Moticon ReGo AG
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