September 2023

Moticon with new device for sync with MOCAP systems

Moticon launches OpenGo Sync Box for seamless motion tracking synchronization, fulfilling long-awaited customer needs.
opengo sync box for sensor insole data synchronization

The ability to synchronize different motion tracking systems’ data streams is a key requirement for biomechanical analyses in clinical research and sports science. In order to match research use cases even better, Moticon has now launched a device for its OpenGo product line which offers versatile input and output trigger signal options for synchronization.

A long lasting customer request has finally materialized in the all new OpenGo Sync Box device. As so often in the history of Moticon’s product developments, the final ignite came from a large project conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The project is under way and aims to develop a revolutionary open access gait database for neurological diseases. For the motion capture part, several sensory systems, including Moticon’s OpenGo Sensor Insoles, needed to be synchronized by time.

Concepts were bounced forth and back, prototypes were built and delivered to the FDA project. Along with increasing interest from other customers, it soon became clear that the Moticon development team needed to build a solid platform which allows standalone operation, feature extensions via software updates and wireless options.

Picking up Moticon’s own legacy of handheld devices, which had been developed for its very first skiing product, the new OpenGo Sync Box comes in a circular, extraordinary slim and handy package.

moticon to launch new handheld device for synchronizing sensor insole data with mocap systems

Moticon’s handheld device design legacy and sync box prototypes

In its first release, the OpenGo Sync Box rectifies and amplifies a start-stop signal coming from the OpenGo App into a standardized 3.3V TTL signal whenever a sensor insole measurement is triggered. The signal, if needed, can be inverted and is provided via cable output and can eventually be used for synchronization. Further details are listed in the official OpenGo Sync Box specification document .

Hardware interfaces include audio jacks for sync signal input and output via cable connections, as well as USB-C power supply, power on and reset features. The device also incorporates a complete power management unit which is combined with a 500mAh circular Li-Ion pouch cell and allows 2-3 hours of standalone operation without the USB power supply.

The data processing and signal transformation part is taken by a powerful ESP32-C3 multi wireless protocol (WiFi, Bluetooth) microcontroller, which rests on open-source RISC-V architecture.

Several feature updates for the OpenGo Sync Box are in the release pipeline already, including options for wireless synchronization based on the ESP32 module. The updates will be rolled out via software update and listed in the official OpenGo release history.

Florian Zierer led new Opengo Sync Box development

OpenGo Sync Box lead developer: Florian Zierer

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