July 2023

Moticon receives special federal funds for deep tech research firms to invest in further developments

Moticon secures funding to advance ReGo technology, enhancing biomechanical analysis in sports and rehabilitation.

The allowance marks a milestone for Moticon’s intensified research endeavors as the wearable technology company is fully self funded and the authorities now appreciated four years of profitable growth with their decision. As a renowned pioneer in the professional wearable technology market, Moticon will use the funds to further enhance their ReGo product line. Areas of research include the development of the next generation cutting-edge sensor insole technology and big data analytics to generate market leading solutions for e-health and performance sports.

ReGo is a mobile motion assessment and biofeedback system to support rehabilitation and performance sports, which rests on wireless sensor insoles that combine with pattern recognition and standardized movement tests for creating fully automated outcome reports. The solution facilitates high quality biomechanical analyses in any environment at an extremely competitive price point, which allows therapists and trainers to make use of objective movement testing in daily routines for the first time. ReGo helps to identify athletes’ performance potentials in jumps, sprinting and agility as well as related risks for injury prevention. ReGo also contributes to the paradigm shift of digitalization in rehabilitation, offering continuous objective outcome assessments and biofeedback training for patients suffering from injuries to the lower extremities. This financial support will enable Moticon to expedite their efforts in revolutionizing the monitoring and analysis of human movement.

Provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, this special fund signifies the acknowledgment of Moticon’s outstanding contributions to wearable technology and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. It underscores their dedication to developing state-of-the-art sensor insoles that offer valuable insights into human biomechanics.

Moticon’s intelligent sensor insoles represent a breakthrough in wearable technology. These intelligent sensor insoles are equipped with 16 Plantar pressure sensors and a 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) that capture and analyze real-time data on foot pressure, gait patterns, and movement dynamics. The information is then transmitted to a user-friendly mobile application, where it can be visualized, interpreted, and used to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and enhance rehabilitation.

With the support of the special fund, Moticon will continue to drive innovation in the field of wearable technology and set new standards for biomechanical performance monitoring with intelligent sensor technology.

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