Wearable Solution Enhancing Disease Management for Multiple Sclerosis Patients in everyday life

Celestra Health Partners with Munich-Based Technology Company Moticon to Develop AI-Powered Wearable Digital Biomarker to Detect Changes in Disease Progression
Celestra Health Systems to partner with Moticon for using sensor insoles in e-health multiple sclerosis application

Ottawa/Munich, May 24th, 2023 Celestra Health, an award-winning Canadian healthcare technology company, is partnering with Moticon to advance the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through a combination of cutting-edge wearable technology, smart phone application software and cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI). The goal of the Celestra Health solution is to map the progression of MS over time with a high degree of accuracy, resulting in more informed treatment decisions. Moticon provides the sensor insoles that provide the data needed for measuring gait with laboratory-grade precision.

MS affects approximately 2.8 million people worldwide and is a potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system. 75% of MS patients experience walking impairments and mobility is considered by patients to have the most significant impact on their quality of life.

Celestra Health’s innovative solution is designed to unobtrusively collect walking data from patients under free living conditions, delivering laboratory-grade insights to clinicians and patients alike. With patient visits typically scheduled every 6 to 12 months, the Celestra Health solution serves as an early warning system for disease progression between patient visits. By sampling each patient’s unique walking signature several times per week, for the first time ever, it is now possible to precisely measure the impact of pharmacological and personalized rehabilitation treatments. The Celestra Health solution is also able to detect and identify MS-specific walking patterns and to measure the effects of walking fatigue. And by sharing walking quality data with patients through the Celestra Health smartphone app, patients have a powerful tool for tracking their condition.

“After evaluating multiple smart insoles vendors from around the world, we selected Moticon as our preferred partner due to their product maturity, their best-in-class technical support and their innovative features such as auto-calibration. It is very important for us to work with a partner whose product has been clinically validated and who has well-known customers such as Regeneron, Nike, Adidas and Novartis.” comments Bruce Ford, CEO of Celestra Health.

The Moticon sensor insoles are lightweight, thin and comfortable, and can be easily fitted into the patient’s everyday shoes. Patient feedback from the recently completed Phase I trial at the University of Ottawa has been highly positive. Several types of embedded sensors, namely pressure sensors and inertial sensors for measuring movements in space, are integrated in the sensor insoles. So far, Moticon’s sensors have been used in more than 90 peer-reviewed publications for clinical and sports applications.

The accurate gait data of Moticon’s sensor insole technology contributes to ensure the overall quality and effectiveness of Celestra Health’s wearable solution. Celestra Health’s innovative technology provides an unobtrusive way to continuously monitor MS patients’ condition and develop personalized treatments to improve their quality of life.

Starting in June 2023, Celestra Health will be starting a multi-site Phase II trial, in conjunction with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, US), Barts Health (London, UK) and The Ottawa Hospital (Ottawa, Canada), leading to commercial availability in 2024.

The collaboration of Celestra Health with Moticon represents a significant step forward towards an integrated, real-life MS disease monitoring solution, ultimately benefiting MS patients worldwide.

About Celestra Health
Celestra Health is an award-winning developer of an AI-powered digital biomarker for Multiple Sclerosis to monitor patient mobility and deliver novel insights to clinicians and patients alike. Celestra Health is backed by Wesley Clover International, a global investment company with over $1B in assets under management, and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with a presence in the US and UK.

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