February 2024

Bavarian Soccer Association partners with Moticon

BFV partners with Moticon to introduce ReGo sensor insoles, enhancing training efficacy and injury prevention in Bavarian amateur soccer.
Bayerischer Fußballverband U19 Hallenmeisterschaften: Gewinner TSV 1860 Rosenheim

Starting January 1st 2024, the Bavarian Soccer Association (BFV) has started working with Moticon in their extended partnership program. The BFV partners with Moticon to introduce its sensor insole based ReGo system for junior athletes’ performance diagnostics and injury prevention screenings in amateur soccer.

Both organizations’ shared vision for shaping the journey of Bavarian amateur soccer aims at fostering digital solutions in the sport – with Moticon’s practical approach to enhancing training efficacy and injury prevention on the junior level using its ReGo sensor insoles and automated movement tests.

Moticon brings its new ReGo product and a highly motivated team backed with sports science and high-tech experience into the partnership.The Bavarian Soccer Association is the 3rd largest sports association in Germany with an impressive count of 1.6 million memberships. It organizes and supports 280.000 soccer games per season and represents more than 4.500 soccer clubs with 24.500 teams and 11.000 trainers.

As a starting point in 2024, Moticon joined the male U19 indoor championship on January 27th in Weißenburg. Moticon’s booth setup allowed participants to perform standardized ReGo screening tests, such as the counter movement jump test (CMJ), and compare the outcomes directly against each other.

Moticon ReGo station for performance tests at the Bavarian U19 indoor soccer championships

Congratulations to the team from TSV 1860 Rosenheim, who won the final in a head to head competition! Watch the full Bavarian U19 junior final on YouTube.

As shown at this first event, the extended reach of BFV’s network makes it an excellent platform for introducing meaningful innovations to the sport. And the partnership with Moticon goes in line with BFV’s own ambitions to offer its athletes a competitive edge: ReGo allows amateur teams to perform simple and effective performance diagnostic analyses that were previously only available to professional clubs.

The next meeting point with Moticon ReGo is the female U17 indoor championship taking place on February 17th in the Clermont-Ferrand-Arena in Regensburg.

The Moticon team is particularly thankful for the fruitful discussions and open mindset of Dominik Strauch and Roman Kirschner, who are part of the partnership management and services team at the BFV Service GmbH in Munich.

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