| 2022

Evaluation of the Foot Center of Pressure Estimation from Pressure Insoles during Sidestep Cuts, Runs and Walks

Pauline Morin, Antoine Muller, Charles Pontonnier, Georges Dumont

University Rennes, CNRS, Rennes


biomechanics, motion analysis, ground reaction forces, outside laboratory experiments, moticon


Estimating the foot center of pressure (CoP) position by pressure insoles appears to be an interesting technical solution to perform motion analysis beyond the force platforms surface area. The aim of this study was to estimate the CoP position from Moticon® pressure insoles during sidestep cuts, runs and walks. The CoP positions assessed from force platform data and from pressure insole data were compared. One calibration trial performed on the force platforms was used to localize the insoles in the reference coordinate system. The most accurate results were obtained when the motion performed during the calibration trial was similar to the motion under study. In such a case, mean accuracy of CoP position have been evaluated to 15±4mm along anteroposterior (AP) axis and 8.5±3mm along mediolateral (ML) axis for sidestep cuts, 18±5mm along AP axis and 7.3±4mm along ML axis for runs, 15±6mm along AP axis and 6.6±3mm along ML axis for walks. The accuracy of the CoP position assesment from pressure insole data increased with the vertical force applied to the pressure insole and with the number of pressure cells involved.

Moticon's Summary

In this study the authors evaluated the center of pressure (COP) estimation of Moticon sensor insoles against force plate data for different types of movement. Participnats were asked to perfrom sidestep cuts, runs and walks. COP estimates were compared based on a callibration trial. The authors found that most accurate results could be produced when the movment type in the calibration trial correpsonded to the movemnet which was measured in the experimental trial. Further it was conlcuded that COP estimates improved with higher ground reaction forces as well as a higher number of active pressure sensors.

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