Master Thesis

| 2023

Guiding 3D human pose estimation using feet pressure sensors

J. Sintes Fernández

Universitat Politècnica de València.


motion caputre, sensor insoles


Human Pose Estimation is a task in the field of computer vision that involves identifying and capturing the positions and orientations of the human body. This is typically done by predicting the locations of specific keypoints, such as hands, head, and elbows, in an image. Human Pose Estimation has various applications in different industries, including robotics, augmented reality, gaming, accessibility, sports, and security. Grazper Technologies ApS, the partner for this thesis, is working on developing a realtime 3D human pose estimation system using a multicamera setup. The primary application of this system is in the field of security. However, one of the main challenges in implementing this system is the requirement of multiple cameras to view the same scene from different angles. This restriction limits the usability of the system, especially in security applications where it is unlikely to have more than one or two cameras pointing at the same location at the same time. The aim of the present thesis is to study whether we can improve the 3D pose estimation in these cases by incorporating knowledge about foot contact. To do so, we will acquire an IoTconnected sole pair that can make pressure measurements, and incorporate it into Grazper¿s current video acquisition setup. During the course of the thesis, we designed a reliable, stable, and automated data ac quisition setup, enabling Grazper to easily record highquality datasets with the potential to obtain synchronized ground truth sole pressure signals. We prove the feasibility of predicting sole pressure based on the pose using deep learning techniques. Finally, we show how sole contact can enhance the performance of a pose detector in scenarios with fewer cameras. These results offer a strong proof of concept for future AI solutions and demonstrate the potential of this technique for further development and advancement.

Moticon's Summary

In this master's thesis the author worked on improving a 3D pose estimation by including Moticon sensor indoles in the video acquisition set-up. Sensor insole data was also used as a ground truth in deep learning techniques to allow for the prediction of foot pressure based on pose detection. Furthermore, the author demonstrated how sensor insole data can enhance open pose detection in scenarios with a set up using a lower number of cameras.

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