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Timed Up and Go Test

The test provides a measure for general mobility and for the probability of falls. Results entail the total time needed to complete the task as well as detailed timing and spatial parameters related to getting up and walking.


The Timed Up and Go test is a screening test for elderly persons and for a variety of neuro-degenerative populations. It involves getting up from a chair, walking forward 3 meters at normal speed, pivot around a turning mark, walking back and sitting down again on the chair.

The goal is to execute the movement task in as little time as possible without falling.

Test Preparation

  • Place the chair
  • Place the floor mark as turning mark at 3 meters distance
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Use usual walking aids if applicable (cane, walker, crutches, etc.)
  • Usual medical regime shall be continued
  • No vigorous exercise within 2 hours of beginning testing
  • Light meal before testing is acceptable, but not obligatory


  • 1x chair
  • 1x floor mark
Applicable Type

Unstable angina during previous month

Myocardial infarction during previous month

Heart rate >120

Systolic blood pressure >180 mm Hg

Diastolic blood pressure >100 mm Hg”

Paramters Overview
  • 2 for range of motion
  • 11 for kinetics & agility
  • 5 for coordination
  • 3 for coach-reported outcome
  • 4 for self-reported outcome

Test Procedure


  • Sit upright on the chair
  • Both feet rest on the ground


  • Hold your sitting position over the countdown
  • Start with movement task on START


Get Up
  • Stand up from chair immediately


Walk Forth
  • Walk forth to the turning mark in front
  • Walk at your normal speed


Turning Mark
  • Pivot around the turning mark
  • Continue back without hesitation


Walk Back
  • Walk back towards the chair
  • Walk at your normal speed
  • Do not run or jog


Sit Down
  • Sit back down on the chair


  • Listen to the countdown while sitting
  • The test is completed on STOP


  • Enter if assistive devices were used
  • Enter your fatigue and pain level
  • Enter free comments, if applicable

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