ReGo functional testing

Unbiased screenings and assessments.

Standardized ReGo tests deliver objective evidence on state of training and rehab for individualizing treatments.


ReGo Test concept

Standardized. Comparable.

Continuous functional movement testing is the best way to build a solid foundation for evidence based rehab programs and athletic training.

Therefore, comparability of outcomes is the outmost important aspect in testing. ReGo Tests are highly standardized, easy to access and fully automated – accomplishing excellent test-retest reliability. Allowing you to compare individual progress rather than test artefacts.

Standardized movement tasks
Excellent retest reliability
Comparable test outcomes

ReGo Tests overview

A constantly growing test portfolio.

Become a ReGo user and get access to all tests in the ReGo App. Choose from the growing portfolio of tests covering functional-vestibular assessments, and return-to-competition regimes.

Coming soon
Balance Test

1 Minute Stance Test

You haven’t found your preferred test?

Contact us and request individual ReGo Tests!

ReGo Test workflow

Time efficient and reliable for daily use.

The streamlined ReGo Test workflow safes your time and integrates seamlessly in your daily work – or even in an athlete’s or patient’s daily routine. Intelligent on demand calibration routines for the ReGo Sensor Insoles as well as reliable pattern recognition algorithms for automated motion detection secure excellent ease of use with a minimum of manual interaction.

1 Minute

Insert sensor insoles

Put sensor insoles in the shoes and allow warm up.

30 Seconds

Setup test

Select a single test or a test sequence and adjust settings.

Assign test schedule for home use if needed.

10 Seconds - 6 Minutes

Execute test

Let athlete or patient perform test supported by audio instructions and live biofeedback, if enabled.

1 - 2 Minutes

Anaylze outcomes

Get instant reports including scores and detailed metrics.

Check trends and track the progress of your patient or athlete.

ReGo Test setup & instructions

Quick setups for a head start to testing.

Powerful settings for biofeedback & audio guidance

Make settings for biofeedback training and additional audio instructions directly in the context menu to engage your athletes or patients.


Instructions on test procedure

Learn more about how to execute the ReGo Tests properly from instruction videos and detailed written instructions.


Background information & equipment

Each ReGo Test is tailored for a particular test purpose. In-app descriptions, safety instructions and notes on extra equipment keep you all informed for the next test.


ReGo Test reports & analytics

Instant insights for individualized treatments.

Instant test reports provide overall performance scores and a customizable dashboard for detail parameters. Focus on exactly the outcomes you need. Use the test history, trend analytics and reference values to further support your individualized training and rehab programs.

70+ outcome parameters
at your disposal

Immediate access to top level scores for overall performance and limb symmetry index. Each ReGo test comes with a multitude of test specific outcome parameters.

Customize the report board for detailed outcome parameters.


History & trend analytics

Keep all tests in the history and see how your athletes or patients progress over time for creating individual training programs

Comparison & conclusions

Compare outcomes from different tests or compare test results with reference values

Make use of conclusions and tips to get the best out of each test report for your work

No minimum usage. No recurring fees.

Free biofeedback training &
fair pay-per-report model

Valuable free features

As a ReGo user, you have access to all tests and features in the ReGo App, as well as to all future app updates.

You can perform tests, use biofeedback features and the ReGo scores for performance and limb symmetry completely free of charge.

Test price for detailed reports

Pay a one-time fee for each detailed ReGo Test Report if you intend to work on individualized rehab or training programs. 

Permanent access and GDPR secured storage of the related report data are included.

Full cost control

The pay-per-report model gives you full control over payable services with no fix costs.

The purchase decision can also be made later on as all test reports are archived in the test history.

More ReGo test benefits


Offline testing

ReGo Tests can be executed without internet connection as all data is being processed on the mobile phone or tablet. This allows you to test even in the most remote places.

Results are automatically synced with the ReGo Cloud once a network is available.


Remote testing

Use ReGo for telerehabilitation or during training camps when you cannot be on site.

You receive test reports in real time right after test execution so you can stay connected with your patients or athletes and interact directly.


Individual test protocols

Combine several ReGo Tests into a sequence for seamless execution in one session.

Reuse sequences for any of your athletes or patients with just one click.


Upcoming events

Data Management

The OpenGo Sensor Insole firmware runs a full scope file system on the on-board memory. This is where all measurements are stored and organized. This feature allows you to transfer selections of measurements to the endpoint computer without the need of transferring the entire list of measurements. It helps to perform plausibility checks or to obtain preview reports on particular measurements.

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Die Firmware der OpenGo Sensorsohle betreibt auf dem Onboard-Speicher ein vollständiges Dateisystem. Hier werden alle Messungen gespeichert und organisiert. Mit den zugehörigen Funktionen kannst Du eine Auswahl von Messungen auf den Endpunkt-PC übertragen, ohne dass die gesamte Liste der Messungen übertragen werden muss. Dies hilft bei der Durchführung von Plausibilitätsprüfungen oder bei der Erzeugung von Reports zu bestimmten Messungen.

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